July 2019 Survey Results

During July we ran a survey polling Tower Unite players on their opinions. We’re excited by the fact that over 1,608 of you participated in this survey!

As with the last survey, we’re openly releasing the data here (we did have to make a couple charts ourselves as Google wouldn’t render them properly).

You can see the original survey here:



Seeing the change in the Plaza load times question from last year is really interesting

PAK :tada:


This is also pre-forced PAK. So next year might be even better.


Looks like the last option of the bar graphs get cut off. What was the last option supposed to be? None of the above?


The blank ones for those are “I don’t play X GAME WORLD / I don’t have a favorite”.


Ah, I suddenly have complete contempt for the entire community.


Lonely amphitheatre gang represent.



I was also surprised about the lack of LC love. It’s the one I played most in GMT with friends, and they still love to hit up in TU.

40% having no opinion about the LC maps? I could feel that in my heart.

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Im kind of shocked at how the majority still prefers the default OG “Condo” map. I mean it’s great, but i was not expecting that.

Edit: Maybe a majority can’t afford other maps?

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More minigolf maps? LC and Virus are collecting dust over here


Arcade in the lead by a long shot for most anticipated feature

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What game Worlds do you most enjoy?

I think Virus and Little Crusaders suffer from the Tower’s current niche population with their minimum player requirements. That’s the only way I’ll accept ZM beat Virus, I may be in denial.

What Game World would you like to see more maps for?

Also I can’t believe Minigolf is the highest voted for more maps. There are already 9 maps with great variety. LC and Virus already have the hurdle of player count, but stale map rotation makes even less people want to play. Not only that, but the variety in maps (visually and gameplay-wise) isn’t near as noticeable in those game modes as it is in Ball Race/Mini-Golf.

I mean I guess I get it, people love Mini-golf they want more Mini-golf. I’m biased, but I think we’re pretty set on Mini-golf maps for a bit when comparing gameworlds.


These results were definitely interesting to look at. The game seems to be going in the direction players want, focusing on the Arcade, Community Condos and Upgrades.

to absolutely no ones surprise, people like minigolf

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But for real, plenty of people cherrypick a gamemode (Usually minigolf), and don’t even think about touching the plazas or condos ever. I’m actually surprised that audience follows the game enough to have heard about the poll.

So adding minigolf maps isn’t exactly the best option for the community, because many of (Not all) the people who want more golf maps/enjoy it the most, aren’t actually a part of the community.


i just want more LC maps for the love of god PLEASE


it’s a great condo design, the fact that it’s a free starter one does not make it bad or undesirable (unless you’re someone who likes to show off their fat stacks of cash)
i personally like it because it isn’t massive like resort or underwater but not too small like suite and art studio. plus the seaside view is an absolute plus.

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Imagine thinking that, just because someone plays the game in a way that you don’t like, they’re not part of the community.

If you play regularly, you’re part of the community.


Minigolf has more maps than every other gameworld, I REALLY don’t think we need more right now.


As much as I’d love more Virus or ZM maps, I do think it’s important to note how crucial maps are to Minigolf and Ball Race. Games like Virus are about interacting primarily with other players, the maps simply set the stage and can provide different option, approaches, and strategies. Games like Minigolf and Ball Race are about interacting primarily with the maps. Map variety is crucial to the Minigolf or Ball Race experience in a way that isn’t true for the other gamemodes. It makes sense to me that these two modes should have more maps and get new ones more frequently. Do they need more now? That’s debatable, but I don’t think it’s as unreasonable as it might initially seem.


Sorry if that came off in a negative way, I don’t mean that they’re “not real players” or any of that gatekeeping crap. It’s just worth noting those players have a different perspective, maps for every other game are irrelevant to them since they don’t play them, so obviously they’ll just want more golf maps, that doesn’t mean we should just mass produce golf maps.

I could’ve worded that better, that’s my bad, but the fact that people only using the game for one thing and never using anything else, is something to be taken into account when new maps are proposed. For growing a player base, supporting minigolf players alone doesn’t do a lot.

(I also like minigolf, and am not opppsed to new maps, just an observation)

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