July 2019 Survey Results

As an extreme example,
if 90% of the playerbase plays minigolf and nothing else, it makes total sense to make more minigolf maps.
These results are not skewed by people who only play 1 gamemode, they’re representative.


I won’t go back and forth forever here, but it’s less that “lots of people like minigolf” or play it the most, and more so it’s a subset that use Tower Unite as a minigolf sim. Obviously they’re players still, but there’s probably some weight on others who use the game as it’s intended in its entirety.

Also, as I said, for growing a community, people who live in the golf game world isn’t a great place to start.

This is before the official release of PAK (which I and many others didn’t know about at this time.) I can personally say my original response of 2 minutes went down to less than a minute.


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Please don’t make Accelerate one map, we don’t need another Little Crusaders, Zombie Massacre or Virus dustbowl. I personally love all three gamemodes but I fully understand why people don’t enjoy them as much as minigolf and ballrace. Coming from someone who used to play a lot of virus it’s painful to get through all 10 rounds. There needs to be something extra, planet panic isn’t the only gameworld due to an upgrade. Possibly an objective? apart from survive or infect… maybe collect something? (instead of just sitting their rotting in a corner hoping the person who started as infected is new to the game and somewhere completely different then 95% of the players.) I’m sorry if this sounded aggressive I just really want all gameworlds to be treated with the same respect, until then many people will just see this game as a minigolf game.

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They don’t need to add an objective to Virus. The objective is don’t get infected. You might not be enjoying it as much as it currently isn’t as fluid as source Virus was. Not that I don’t expect them to fix it at some point.


Mutators should (hopefully) alleviate at least some of the repetition by mixing things up, but I can easily see how these games can seem to get stale after a while.

Same! 7 seconds for me now :open_mouth:

And you know this how?

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Ahh man not enough people are excited about mutators :frowning:

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I feel like people aren’t really interested in Mutators because they haven’t been discussed lately. I’m sure a lot of people that got the game more recently don’t even know they’re coming. Once they get officially announced and work starts on them, I bet people will become more interested. Arcade is the most interested upcoming feature because it’s the one in the spotlight currently, most likely. Not that I’m complaining of course, I’m insanely excited for it.


Obviously not everybody who prefers minigolf plays it exclusively, but based on what I’ve seen said by people in various chats (Very specific sources, I know) it’s a common trend that this poll supports, and you need not look farther than YouTube and Twitch with channels like Seananners and Northernlion who play/played Tower Unite for its golf alone (Along with all the channels that played alongside them), and it isn’t a stretch to say their audience may do the same. Minigolf is a surprisingly big niche on Steam, and Tower Unite executes it really well.

Though most obviously, I rarely see much support for golf in the Discord, in-game, or the forums, yet it remains ubiquitously popular. Supporting the idea that a lot of golfers don’t really interact with the rest of the game or community, despite ostensibly being a part of it. Reading the Russian-bot-filled comment section of PixelTail’s Kingdom video is a good way to feel the eerie divide minigolf has.

I like minigolf, probably one of my top favourite activities, and I do want more maps at some point, but I feel iffy about letting people who have so little part in the game determine its fate. You don’t have to be a dedicated daily player, and I don’t care if you play Tower Unite just to golf, more power to you, but the rest of us that want a more complete balanced game in terms of content and maps might be a little ripped off.

You make a couple decent points but nothing about this poll supports this. Quite the opposite actually.

First off, less than half of the people surveyed like game worlds the most. Out of the most liked gameworlds, ball Race is a super close second. 65% of people go to the plaza first, while only 20% go to gameworlds. 39% want more plaza activities while only 18% want more gameworld maps. 18% either don’t play minigolf or don’t have a favorite map.

If anything, this survey only helps to show that it’s not the main focus of the game for most people. It’s just another part of the game and it’s the one most in need of maps.


Fair. I got a bit more caught in up in the minigolf aspect and forgot about the poll for a bit there. Though I still stand by the fact that we should at least get a few other maps before another minigolf one. There’s also a good point to be made that people don’t really know what they want, and will just ask for more of what they like but that’s neither here nor there. All I’m saying is just because minigolf has popularity, it shouldn’t be the only thing getting maps, and balance is cool too. I’ve been thinking about this way too long, and may have lost my way a bit.

“People don’t really know what they want” I think is supported by the fact that Planet Panic was completely overlooked in the poll as well. No one has interest because it exists but is broken so who gives it any thought right now. I wouldn’t doubt minigolf has gotten the love because of how polished it is, so people will want to keep a good thing going.
I admit I’m also bias to the idea of getting other maps before minigolf. I play minigolf plenty and have no qualms with it, but as I said earlier I was shook that LC/Virus were "meh"ed over a very complete minigolf. I get it sure, but still … shook.


Out of curiosity, have any roadmap plans been changed due to the results of this survey?

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Virus was always a mess, from the inconstancy of the infection to the mindless gameplay of just camping in a corner. I wish there was just something more, the survivors have adrenaline so maybe the infected have a leap of some sorts? I remember playing UHC back in the day, hoping that it would throw me on dragon so I can try to conquer the nights… not once have I ever want to be infected. Great, time to hold W into TNT until i’m enraged then hold W again until some random guy in the huge clump of people gets infected. (survivor is the same thing but with mouse 1)


I’m a big Timesplitters fanboy, so Virus was my favorite mode in GMT, and it’s still my favorite mode in TU. That said, it has two things that are absolutely ruining it for me:

  1. TNT is in every single round.
    Like you said, TNT makes being the first infected extremely unfun, but it also worse since everyone always has it. This wasn’t the case in GMT, and the rounds that didn’t have it were easily the best. TNT affects how people play the game on a fundamental level. If I am ever the first infected, I actually avoid tagging any stragglers because losing my enraged makes it close to impossible to ever penetrate the corner where the bulk of players are camping.

  2. The plasma autorifle
    So not only do you have TNT every round to instakill anyone that gets close to you, but you have this piece of shit covering all your one-hit-kill bases that the TNT doesn’t: infinite range and infinite ammo, except you deal with it every other round if you’re lucky. I can’t imagine any reason why this weapon shouldn’t be completely reworked, and frankly should’ve forever ago.


This is probably just because of me having nostalgia for GMT but I like the old way infecting worked in Virus way more than the new system that was added in the quality of life update a while ago, to the point where Virus went from one of my go-to game worlds to a game I barely ever play at all when that got changed. At least having the option to choose between the current or classic infecting mechanics before starting a Virus match would be nice.


That mechanic was implemented purely to help combat ping/lag. It wasnt a gameplay decision they made to spice things up, though.


You bring up a very good point and some insight I didn’t take into account. There are other factors, such as Mini-Golf and Ball Race having entire sets of maps. One Mini-Golf course has 18 holes. I’m curious how much this impacts dev time for each gamemode’s map type. Mini-Golf and Ball Race have lots of course unique mechanics, where LC and Virus are basically just one big room for each map with a ton of assets.

Also I feel like Mini-golf and Ball Race has more replayability in their maps due to the ability to focus on self-improvement with lower pars and faster times. Then again you could argue Virus and Little Crusader’s has more replayability with the random elements of other players directly impacting your performance.