February 2022 Condo Contest (Forest)

Hey everyone!

We’re back with another Condo Contest for you all! This month’s theme is “Forest”!

As always, feel free to interpret that how you see fit, as long as the connection to the theme is clear and it follows the rules. Whether you make a magical grove or a regular trail through the dense trees, make use of the nature items found at Seasons to create something awesome!

Also, feel free to include other structures if you’d like (for example, building a cabin or watchtower in the woods is fine) so long as the forest itself is the main focus. If you want to expand or decorate the forest in Smooth Autumn, that also works.

The deadline to submit entries is February 28th, 2022 at 11:59 PM CT.


  • 1st Place - 2,000,000 Units
  • 2nd Place - 1,000,000 Units
  • 3rd Place - 750,000 Units
  • 4th Place - 500,000 Units
  • 5th Place - 300,000 Units

Note: Participation prizes (100k) may be rewarded to participants when we’re happy with the quality of entries, along with other bonuses for close contenders.

Prize amounts / Places may be raised depending on the types/amounts of entries.


  • Only submit one entry, and keep it all within one post. (Send me a PM if you’re having issues with posting.)
  • You can update your post until the deadline.
  • Must be appropriate content (no nudity, hate speech, etc.)
  • Must post at least 3 pictures of your condo.
  • Must be something new - you can’t submit something you started before this post was made.
  • If you make something in a pre-existing Condo build, or if you significantly rework your Condo to fit into the theme, make sure to focus your pictures on the area you’re submitting for the contest. (I strongly encourage these types of builders to submit before and after pictures to help us judge.)
  • If you want to submit a WIP build (for example, you started an entry and aren’t going to be able to finish it, but still want to share your work), only do so towards the end of the submission portion of the contest.
  • If you won first place in the previous month’s contest, you will still get a participation prize for this contest, but you cannot get a winning placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) again until the next contest.

How To Submit:

  • Post at least 3 screenshots of your Condo as a reply to this thread as your entry to the contest. If you can’t upload images here, use an external image hosting service such as Imgur to embed the images here. (And, again, send me a message if you’re having further issues posting pictures.)
  • Include your Steam ID in the submission, so we can award you the Units if you win! (If you aren’t sure how to send your Steam64 ID, just link to your Steam Profile in your submission post.)


Tower Unite now allows for Co-Op building in condos, and, since that is the case, we have some rules for submitting a Condo built with others.

You can go about submitting builds from Co-Op condos in two ways:

1. Everyone who participated in the build gets credit

An Example: Person A opens their condo for Person B and C to help them build a Haunted House. Person A builds the structure, and Person B and C help them decorate it. They all like how it came out as a whole, and want to submit it to the contest together.

  • If you submit this way, the owner of the Condo should make a post with pictures of the whole build.
  • Include the usernames and Steam IDS of everyone who participated.
  • If the entry wins, the prize will be divided equally amongst the participants.
  • Participation prizes (75k) will also be divided equally amongst participants, if applicable.

2. One person takes credit for their part of a larger build

An Example: Person A opens their Condo for Person B to help build a Haunted House in. Person A builds a cool maze next to the house, while Person B decorates a bunch of rooms on their own. Both want to submit their parts of the build separately.

  • If you submit this way, post pictures of the part of the Condo that you built.
  • Include your Steam ID.
  • If the entry wins, you will get the full prize.

After the deadline has passed, the submissions are judged by community voting, which I will post a link to in the responses to this thread once I finish setting it up.

Have fun, and if you need help with anything about the contest, let me know in this thread or in a private message!


I decided to convert the art studio to a treehouse-style weekend getaway spot in the woods.

I started off wanting to make it a firewatch tower but this is what it eventually turned into.

Here is the link to my Steam profile.

And here is the Workshop download


Forest build on top of the underwater base

Steam ID: Steam Community :: Immortal Jellyfish


Here’s my entry!

Name: Slender Forest
Steam Community:

Workshop Link:

You heard a strange rumor about a nearby forest…something involving disappearances and strange sightings there. You decided to bring your camera and head out there to discover what’s going on. Once you’re there, you discover even stranger things…nonsensical notes, abandoned buildings, and bizarre constructs. All the while, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is watching you…
Was that a voice in the wind? Every twig crunch makes you jump. Getting in here was easy…you figure getting out might not be.

I was inspired mainly by the indie game Slender: The Eight Pages! I figured the main level of that game would fit the theme of the contest very well! I’m actually incredibly happy with how it turned out, especially considering that this is my first ever major build & condo contest entry!



Steam Profile: Steam Community :: 『Baby In A Pipe』
ID64: 76561198036810834

B A S A L T | Forest

Workshop Link
For an In-depth Look!


Decided to do a 100 acre woods theme…


I’ve been making a bunch of condos in preparation for workshop game world maps recently, so I decided to make a spooky forest racetrack for Accelerate for this contest. It’s called Haunted Hollows; I don’t know if the terrain I built the map on even counts as hollows but I thought the name sounded cool.

The first track has a cemetary theme and the second track has an alien theme. There’s a couple areas in each that aren’t very forest-like so I didn’t include pictures of those in this submission.

Steam ID64: 76561198045136690

Workshop link: Steam Workshop::Haunted Hollows Racetrack

track 1

track 2


kinda went for the camping part of most woodland areas and how most alien encounters happen in the woods some keen eyed people might see it


I decided to do a forest with a couple of cabins within it as well as a playground and a campsite.

Steam Name: Caleegi
Steam64 ID: 76561198273420901


the cottage

The start of my cozy, fairytale style map in the woods, currently have a cottage, cabin, barn, and house. All made from canvas pieces.

Not a fan of the lighting/skybox but made the mistake of building on smooth autumn and cant make it much darker.

  • steamID64 - 76561198157199372


Darkwood [v1.7.6]

A dark forest with elements of lovecraftian/stalker horror and atmosphere. Will eventually populate the whole Autumn map both on the surface and underground.

(Atmosphere, underground link, laboratories and different factions scattered around the location, may add lore and functionality if a dev tool update comes).

Song used : Dozed Tigers - Darkwood [Darkwood EP]


[Youtube] - Video Preview

Altar Anomaly - Anomalous Zone

Scout’s Camp - Next to Mil Base

Scavenger’s House - Village

Time Traveler’s Block - Anomalous Zone

D3 Labs - Anomalous Zone Bunker

Birds Eye View [Roadmap]

By Dozed Tigers

Extra Album Cover Art


I made this on the flat grass map. Designed for racing in mind but works as a trail as well.
Over 1200 items. Only included game assets used. I lost count of how many hours.

Complete overview. This not the intended view angle but i included it for scale.

Steam account: Steam Community :: fruzstrated


The theme inspired me to add an elven forest section to my castle:
steamid: 76561198066339018

                              **The Ancient Octo-Tree**

Deep inside the endless forest, rests the old Octo Tree.
Under its branches and protective arms, a tranquil calm can be felt.
Surrounded by large mountains with running waterfalls which both lends a cozy backdrop,
aswell as source of nourishment to keep the Tree forever alive.

This area was built in an empty area created for this months theme, within my existing condoworld:
“The Chillaxie Oasis”


As per the contest directions i decided to focus on the outside of the forest, leaving interiors for future work.

The water was created with three layers, where the deeper water was made with the dynamic movement of the “slime” texture, and the top with the “Clear Water” one.

From the mountains runs clear water down to the center around the tree.

Here is one of the cozy-chillspots around the OctoTree Grove

Finally a restful last screenshot, from the vantage point of the trees “nose”, both me and cornelius just sat there in silence and rest, vibing in the calming atmosphere. before he had to move on back to his gameworld, to do his role as a beast. I promised not to tell on him, so that his reputation can remain intact ^^.

The OctoTree is now open for anyone to come visit, if you too wish to rest from the stress outside <3


(Possibly a link to a fullres (2560x1440) version of the first pic, tho also with some compression:


I wanted to build a cabin house and a little lake in the woods. A calm and peaceful environment far from others, just for myself! I only used the items in the store (except the water effect in the lake, I took it from the workshop) and reshaped them as much as I could.

Steam ID: 76561198220634145


Little last second, but no issues.

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:55964584

Welcome Welcome, one and all to a location of mystery and wonder…a Place where reality is bent upon itself, thrice folded, and rolled into a burrito of wilderment…It is a magic place that is spoken of in hushed whispers in the back alleys of the Plaza…A place only known as…Samsara Tower…

And rumored within that tower are an infinite number of floors, hosting an infinite number of realities and possibility…And today, viewers…we will be exploring one of those very realities ourselves.

Welcome to Samsara Tower Floor 36: The Lodge!

Exiting the elevator places you deep within an evergreen glade, where the sunlight peeks through the treetops and gives a soft light upon the rocky path leading to the lodge…

However, this lodge seems…abandoned, does it not? Through what little we can see, we can undoubtedly determine this cabin has long since been vacated and forsaken by its former owners. However, all is not as it seems…drawn to the front door with what seems an almost magnetic pull on your soul…you turn the handle, open the door…and step inside…

…Only to find yourself within a luxurious forest residence! While it too, is empty, it is clean, warm, and soothing, and the fresh air and blissful silence of the forest around you complement the Cabin’s homely airs…One can only hope that even more secrets lay in the forest beyond…but who’s to say?


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Alright everyone, the submission portion of the contest has concluded! I’ll send out the community vote today and it will last until Friday, March 4th at 1pm CT. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

Here is the link to the community vote! https://forms.gle/biwz4ZJ49jpPer1DA

Again, voting will end on March 4th at 1PM CT.