Condo tips and tricks thread

Outfitting your condo to look the best can sometimes be a pain in the ass, especially when you’re condo hopping and you come across a condo that’s a 1000x better than yours, and you suddenly hate yours more than ever. So, here everyone can post their favorite condo outfitting tips and tricks. Be it small details, or designs! Post away!

How to put a beer bottle on it’s side.

Spoon in a cup.

A floating projector screen that fits right inside of the TV hole.

Neon bar lights.

A steamy bathroom with a fog machine, thanks @Cakemagic for this idea!

A carpet separator bar.

Kitchen paper wall.

@Cakemagic gave me this idea, toast in the toaster.

You can put cutouts in the grandfather clock.

RGB values for various real-world lights, original thread is here.

##Kelvin-heat light sources

Light source - Red, Green, Blue - sample pic.
Candle - 255,147,41- Pic
40W Tungsten - 255,197,143 - Pic
100W Tungsten - 255, 214, 170 - Pic
Halogen - 255, 241, 224 - Pic
Carbon Arc - 255, 250, 244 - Pic
High Noon Sun - 255, 255, 251 - Pic
Direct Sunlight - 255, 255, 255 - Pic
Overcast Sky - 201, 225, 255 - Pic
Clear Blue Sky - 64, 156, 255 - Pic

##Fluorescent lights
Light source - Red, Green, Blue - sample pic.
Warm Fluorescent - 255, 244, 229 - Pic
Standard Fluorescent - 244, 255, 250 - Pic
Cool White Fluorescent - 212, 245, 255 - Pic
Full Spectrum Fluorescent - 255, 244, 242 - Pic
Grow Light Fluorescent - 255, 249, 247 - Pic
Black Light Fluorescent - 167, 0, 255 - Pic

##Gaseous light sources (street lamps)
Light source - Red, Green, Blue - sample pic.
Mercury Vapor - 216, 247, 255 - Pic
Sodium Vapor - 255, 209, 178 - Pic
Metal Halide - 242, 252, 255 - Pic
High Pressure Sodium - 255, 184, 76 - Pic


You should have your own HGTV show!
My condo went from a snooze fest to a party crib! Thanks for all the advice!


Oh holy shit I really NEED to try that neon stairs thing, it just looks bananas.


I love a lot of detail around my condo, the only thing I’m gonna steal are the neon stairs

Those Neon light stairs are awesome! And thanks for the tip about placing things sideways, I need it for. Reasons. :new_moon_with_face:

Hope you don’t mind stealing the rainbow stairs :sunglasses:

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Nice idea with the neon light stairs. I might as well show what my pool looks like, also used some rainbow colors.

Getting the placement right is pretty difficult, but it’s manageable.


These are some things from my GMT suite,

Its a bed with a canopy, sadly we don’t have blocks or curtains (yet)

I can’t wait for building blocks ouo<img

You can neatly stack plates and dishes! Good for people who are gonna have more elegant kitchens.


Awesome ideas!

Here’s my version of the stairs. I LOVE IT! :heart_eyes:

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Holy cow this is a game changer…

Also, here is something neat you can do with couches and chairs :blush:
You can put neon lights under them


Can’t wait till we get bar tables n stuff. This will make perfect for a night club. :heart_eyes:

Putting it on the ceiling looks better than on the staircase in my opinion.


Nice idea. The ones on the stairs will stay tough.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oddly enough, I’m getting a set of chairs exactly like this IRL soon. Blue LEDs though.

Curved Couch


Transparent condos + Images that look like a sign + Glow effect = this


A little side note, you’re going to want to crop your sign images in order to display properly


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