Condo tips and tricks thread

Cup Stacking


what did you use to make that?

I’m guessing you stack several DVD cases on top of eachother. Then starting from the top and working your way down… Place one cup, remove a dvd, place another cup, remove another dvd, and repeat until on the table.

I was actually replying to the older post about the curved couch lol

All you need are two “Wicker Couch Corner” and some “Wicker Couch Straight” props, I decided to give the idea a try myself and it looks pretty neat. When it comes to rotating them, one scroll up/down should make a big enough difference with the angle so it looks good.


Just had an idea that worked pretty well. Use a canvas cut-out which has 50% opacity or so, and put them over glass windows. This lets you change the color of the glass in a cheap way.


You can create some semi-convincing foliage with cutout canvases.


hey thanks for the toast cheers :wink:

This is my idea for a toaster

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You can make a mean Trellis with the Pergola and some Canvases

Show your green thumb like this

And Building on what @Suburban said…



This is genius. I will likely be implementing this into my condo.

If you shorten kitchen roll and colour the stick grey, it can make a decent toilet roll and holder:



If you are building under the condo, you can use the water that is naturally there. This is what I used for my spa, it doesn’t show too well here, but you do swim when you jump in. Just be careful of going too low and teleporting back to spawn.

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By colouring coasters white or yellow, and then extending them, you can make road markings that you can customise more to your liking, as opposed to the workshop stuff and canvasses: