Can anyone explain how they made this decoration?

Hi, pretty new to Tower Unite, played Gmod Towers for a brief time and I recently found out about this game. I’ve been looking at building/decorating ideas on this forum for inspiration and I saw a really cool decoration someone else posted and I’m just not sure how they did it, I know they used canvases but where would I find a picture like that? I’d ask the person who posted it but it says they haven’t been seen since December, hoping someone can explain it to me here.

The original page it was posted on is here: Condo tips and tricks thread

Pretty easy to find if you just search for ivy on Google images, using search tools to find ones with transparency. Just stick a ton of them on there and you should be good to go.

Here’s some I found:


Completely forgot about the transparency option, thank you :smiley:

Obviously you already figured this out, so I don’t have much to add. But this looks amazing! Totally not stealing this for my own condo…