Computrix's Residential Showcase [Condo/Suite]

Tower Unite (and its predecessor, Gmod Tower) are fun for me because of the ability to decorate your own residence. Having played games like the sims, minecraft, etc. decorating is fun for me. I like to open up my residences frequently to show them off, but for those who haven’t gotten the chance yet, here is a run-through of my residences. As a disclaimer: my condos are 100% porn free and contain no hidden areas out-of-bounds. Feel free to check for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Residence 1 - Condo
Featuring 674 items total, including 118 canvas items. The condo was the first place I decorated, and was fully decorated over the course of a few weeks. I have no estimate on how much it all cost.

Outside View



Rooftop Lounge


Living Area



Basement Hallway & Closet


Spare Room



Residence 2 - Suite
Having played tons of Gmod Tower back in the day, having a new version of the classic suite was exciting. It’s a nice cozy residence that was easily worth the 30k price tag. There’s not too many design choices I kept in this suite that were used in my old one, however. I bought the suite around the time I was finishing up my condo, and decorated it fully over the course of a week. The suite features 559 items, including 116 canvas items, nearly as many as the condo. Despite how many items were used, everything is within the normal bounds of the map, so things feel cozy and a bit more detailed.

Backyard & Deck


Dining Area


Living Area


Upstairs Hallway

Bedroom & Office Area


Vent Room Nightclub

Residence 3 - House
Coming soon! I don’t really like the house’s layout, and it’s cramped and weird, but I’m working on decorating it little by little. It’s open to the public while I’m working on it so check it out for yourself if you’re impatient!

Residence 4 - gm_flatgrass (smooth dirt)
I have no plans for this yet, nor will I make any unless I win a wheel of money jackpot or gain tons of money for lots of walls and canvases.

Thanks for looking! Item counts and contents of the residences are subject to change as I see fit.
Screenshots were taken on a high-end machine running TU on Ultra settings at 150 fps.
Contents of residences shown in screenshots were taken February 21, 2017.


WOAH!! I love them! They look amazing!


How many jackpots did you won?
I just saw unfinished house, WOW

You’re really good at decorating!

There’s something particularly Alein about this condo, I cant seem to place my finger on it…
I wonder what those diamond shaped insignia’s mean…
Could it be…? Naaah, Most Humans dont even know THEY even exist.


*Picks up phone
Generic Minion Robot, Get the Gems on the line, NOW.

And brain-wipe Ronaldo, He knows too much.


Where were the shutters/blinds found at. Also where was a staircase found.

The blinds are cutout canvases with a texture applied, and the spiral staircase seems to be a lot of lights stuck onto a pole (probably some other type of lamp, dunno).

Yes the blinds are a texture I found on google images, applied to a canvas set to cutout mode.
The spiral stairs are outdoor light fixtures applied to a center ‘pole’ which is also an outdoor floor light.