Quick Status Update on Casino Update


If you’ve been following our Trello or Discord, you’ll probably know most of this.

However, I’m gonna bring everyone up to date on the status of the Casino Update.

#Casino Update (
We decided that due to the delays, we’d include Texas Hold’em, a popular Poker casino game in the initial release of Casino. It was originally planned to come out afterwards, but not anymore. Along with that, Video Poker will be in the update as well (it was originally planned to come out much later).

Most functionality of the Casino Update will initially be limited to Official Servers. Typing Derby and Trivia will still show up on community servers, but they will not payout. Support for other servers will come later.

The following games will be available in the upcoming Casino Update:

  • Trivia
  • Typing Derby
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Video Poker
  • 3 different slot machines
    • Triple Diamonds: A basic 3 reel slot machine
    • Grand Quest: A 3 reel slot machine with a screen and RPG elements
    • Wheel of Money: A 3 reel slot machine with a bonus wheel
  • Spin to Win

#So what’s the status as of today?

  • Slots are finished. They’ve been tested quite a lot. We have 3 different slot games ready for release.
  • Video poker is finished. It’s still being tested, but results have been great.
  • AGC backend is pretty far along. We’re still working out a few more things before release, but it’s been going well.
  • Card base is done and well-tested. Card games can be made, which is why Video Poker was made to test cards.
  • Spin to win logic is pretty much done, but we need to finish a few things with the items that are awarded.
  • Plaza map and artwork is pretty much ready.
  • We’re optimizing again. We’re trying to address Plaza load times by the Casino Update.
  • Trivia is finished and well-tested.
  • Typing Derby is finished and well-tested.
  • Payout system for Lobby games is finished and well-tested.
  • Key Binding is finished and well-tested.
  • Condo Grid Snapping is implemented, but needs a few more polishing (like showing key prompts).
  • AFK support for the game is mostly done - we just need to implement AFK player handling for Game Worlds.

The rest of the changes you can read on the Trello card:

#Release date?
Definitely in September. No more delays.

Casino Release Date



I’m glad to see the casino finally getting finished. I’m among the minority who really doesn’t care about the casino, so I hope things like bowling and laser tag can get some attention now.




Is roulette going to be released one day in another update, or is that getting scrapped. Just wondering because I haven’t seen it in the trello, unless I’m overlooking it.


oh shiT


[quote=“macdguy, post:1, topic:13236, full:true”]#Release date?
Definitely in September. No more delays.


Wait, what about Roulette?


There’re roulette tables in the casino, yet I’ve never seen anything posted about if we’ll get that or not, nor when we would if we do.


Roulette will not be released with the Casino update.


Meh, at least you didn’t say it’s getting scrapped. :slight_smile:


Looks like I’ll be using Windows a lot more come September. Will gladly test Linux builds.


Hula doll…?


This should get the people from the steam community a little more calmed.


If this is improved so I can join in any time less than 5 minutes, I will be so damn happy. :open_mouth:


I haven’t personally had issues with the Plaza loading times, but I guess it’s common for low-end PCs.


It takes me around 3 minutes to join the plaza and my PC isnt really that bad.

Do you have an ssd by any chance?


Yeah I do, it’s something I would heavily recommend using. Unreal Engine games tend to perform a lot better on SSDs.


Agreed. I’m happy for the Casino update as it should bring in a large player base, but it’s not my cup of tea. Never been a gambler at all, I’d probably lose my shit LOL. But yes, Bowling, Arcade, and Laser Tag I am pumped for.


I have been wondering that. I have the game currently on my 2TB HDD that’s almost full; been considering moving it over to my Samsung EVO SSD. Does anyone know the load time differences between the two?