[Chainsaw Deathmatch] No workshop models

There is too many people using workshop models the size of my little finger to get a huge advantage over people using regular workshop models. So I suggest you make it so when you jump in the portal it makes you use normal models like the skeleton or Human just like it does in laser tag.

This could be decent and doing this could open the door for things to buy for it from upgrade as well.

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This should be the case for all plaza minigames.

Ehh, personally it bothers me that laser tag reverts your player model and would rather other games not follow suit. What’s the point in custom player models at that point? (I know I’m just being nit-picky). I do definitely have a problem with hitboxes in Chainsaw Deathmatch, but to use the laser tag example, I’d be fine if the vest was fixed as a hit box, but the player model size still varied a little. I guess player model size would just need to be manipulated to match a set hit box. I don’t think they’re currently able to do this AFAIK.

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