Enable workshop model again in chainsaw deathmatch

The game is now correct due to the update.

But it’s less fun.

I liked workshop models attacking with chainsaws.

This game should be weird.

You must not remove strangeness for the sake of correctness.

I think the number of people the complained about workshop models in chainsaw massacre would beg to differ. Unfortunately I don’t really see a way to enable workshop again without breaking the balance of the game and upsetting a lot of people.


This issue has come up a number of times in different places, and the way I see it, these are the potential solutions:

  1. Disabling Workshop models entirely (Currently implemented in minigames)

  2. Using some kind of universal custom model (Like in Little Crusaders)

  3. Placing restrictions on Workshop models themselves, so that unfair models won’t be permitted in PvP games

Solution 1 is, in my mind, only a temporary one, because it would probably be much better to use solution 2 instead, which is a more charming and organic way of going about it.

Though solution 2 is still restrictive, even if you are able to use cosmetics, everybody being the same model can be boring. At least solution 1 would have some variety.

Solution 3 is probably the best, but also the hardest. It would require the Workshop editor itself to have restrictions on how tall, short, thin, wide, etc. a model can be, and if it detects something well outside the range of a standard hit box, that model will be disallowed in minigames (Either that or a manual review process).

With SDNL coming eventually, hopefully we’ll find a good fix for this issue.

I understand that the small model was not visible and the large model was not good because the hit judgment was unknown.

However, as the player’s position is indicated by an arrow in the update, the size of the model is not a problem. It’s the same as no problem with VIRUS.

The problem of unknown hit determination should be solved by changing the size of the hit box, and I do not agree with the idea of completely disabling the workshop model.

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To be honest, I had no complaints about the difference of the hit box.
It was because I had a stronger feeling of having fun with various characters.

I’ll just add that this could probably just be an option in the settings menu. Maybe disabled by default, but anybody who wants to play with Workshop models can?

Again, this might work as a temporary fix.


There’s always the option of having a setting for this. There’d be three options: workshop models used in all activities, only used in select activities (ball race, arcade, anything that doesn’t rely on hitting another player’s hitbox), and never used in activities (still active in plaza/condos/etc, just not in gameworlds, minigames, and the like). Have the option be set to select activities by default.

This bypasses the problem entirely. Those of us who could care less about being competitive get to see all the fun Workshop models while those who care about being able to hit reliably can enjoy a clearer gameplay experience.


I suggested on another post to maybe have the game scale the playermodel up and down depending on size. But I guess there were issues with that in itself. Like judging where hitboxes were and whatnot. I’m not sure. Yeah, it’d be fun to go around mowing people down as some character. But then it’s not fun going against microscopic playermodels.

I’d like to have the option of turning workshop models on, but I’m wondering… if different models have different hitboxes (do they actually?), would it be possible to keep the same default hitbox for all players during (PVP) minigames, no matter what you choose to see them as? That way, the only advantage someone could have is a slight visual one.
Thinking about it… that’d probably be necessary? So that the hitboxes don’t differ between people who have turned workshop models on/off.