Fix workshop model height to 100% as a survivor


I’ve played many games in where players are trying to be insanely clever by making or using a small playermodel to confuse zombie players and make it harder for them to tag as they will try to hit something half their size.

Of course you could always just move away from using workshop models in Virus but eh



This wouldn’t work with certain models with large parts on them.
Take animal crossing player models for instance, they have large heads that would undoubtebly be more annoying trying to judge where to hit than a smaller player.

The best solution imo is to make unique models for the survivors, like how LC changes everyone to a knight.
Simply could make generic SWAT members and have different types of player models for virus rigged up with upgrades store.



I’m 100% on board with this idea.



Yeah a preset model would be best. Not only can Workshop models be hard to see, but with larger ones it can be hard to tell where the hitbox is as well. Plus, if we get some SWAT team models or something, we can get those as a future milestone, so that’d be pretty cool :smile:



Yeah, that’s the only real solution to this that I can see.

Still, i’d certainly miss seeing things like conducter, Leon S. Kennedy, and some dude in T-51b power armor trying to fend off hordes of zombies.



Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big enough deal to warrant removing use of Workshop models. Perhaps if the client could toggle between using some default models instead of Workshop, I’d be fine with it, but I just love the ridiculous nature that Virus takes on with Workshop models in place. Most people aren’t abusing the small models, anyways, so I find it to be a minor annoyance at worst.



Maybe the devs could make it to where if the model is too small or too large it will make you use the default model for that game. But if the size is all right you can use the Workshop model.



You are right. Perhaps being able to toggle Workshop per gameworld in the settings would be a good way to work around this that’ll please everyone.



GMT did this with PVP Battle, and I imagine they’ll do the same thing with SDNL this time around. Now that you have to actually aim at people to infect them (at least i think that’s how it works, i haven’t played virus in a very long time) I think this would be the best option.

I am very much opposed to the idea of set playermodels, part of the appeal for this game, for me at least, is being able to play these minigames as whoever you want. LC is a different story cuz it has a set art style, that’s also more interesting than just “the military vs zombos.” Maybe if there was some kind of customization attached to them through the Upgrades store or something, but I’d still rather be my Workshop playermodel.

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An idea I had was perhaps some way it could cap the scale on that gamemode.

Like maybe 40/50% perhaps? Anything with it’s scale in the metadata below that would get upscaled to the minium. Assuming such an idea is doable.



I personally consider using small workshop models in Virus as cheating. I mean, like the very small ones that are just small to be small as possible. It’s not fair to everyone else and especially not Infected (in fact, when was Virus ever fair to them?)

I think just automatically scaling all playermodels to normal height is the best option, you don’t even see your model in that game!

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