General Reminder: Read the Guidelines

With the surge in bugs that came with, I just want to remind forum users, mainly those who don’t use the forums quite as regularly, to read the guidelines for reporting bugs:

One other guideline that I’d like to point out that isn’t very clearly stated here is to be sure to use the search function before posting to see if a bug has already been posted, as the devs wish to avoid duplicate posts (same bing for ‘Suggestions’). I also recommend changing the search setting from the default “Relevance” and instead by “Latest Post”, as you are more likely to find if it’s been reported in this latest version of the game.

I’ve seen many duplicates over the past few days, so hopefully this reminder will help avoid more of it.

Thanks lads!


Narrator: And thus the information was then disregarded over 9000 times by the users because reading is actually quite hard.
The end.