[] total crash while trying to quit game

this happened 2 times so far, after longer gaming sessions with various locations.
when I click [Quit to Desktop] in the main menu the main monitor just went black, second monitor was still there and I could move the mouse but only very slow and freezing within a few seconds, then the PC reboots.
Windows log is empty for the time of crash. Don’t know where to find the minidump of the game, if it exists at all.

I have no problems in other games and can run Furmark+Prime95 perfect. But I wouldn’t exclude other problems with my PC as the hdmi connection to my AVR seems to have problems recently and caused a blue-screen once.

Check your %localappdata%\Tower\Saved\Crashes folder. If something was created, you have a crash.

If you do have a crash, here are the things that it wants you to report: Bug Report Guidelines

And then here is how to do it: How to Report Crashes | CURRENT GAME VERSION:

They’ve recommended (to me) in the past checking to make sure your game has been verified by Steam: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335.

I also had an issue where my GPU was set to auto-switch in NVIDIA Control Panel instead of the dedicated GPU so it was going back and forth between the integrated graphics and RTX. You may want to check there, as well. That came up more than once when I was opening up my laptop to a fatal error, but it may not be the same for you.

I know Mad is working on updating where to find the troubleshooting stuff in case it is your laptop (that poor team and me) but they won’t know whether it’s you or the program until you post the crash dump.

I saw on one of the Trello cards it looks like they’re going to try to make crashdumps automatic now so you may not have to worry about it in the future, but I don’t know how they’re going to handle being told what you were up to around that.

thx, I’m currently updating all active applications and drivers (+ddu)
just got two crashes on the desktop and while starting GW2, nothing to do with TU so far. TU just for some reason provoked it just a little easier.

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update: yeah, seem to have general issues with my PC, this can be closed.

updated GPU driver and now I finally got a blue screen instead of instant reboot: video_scheduler_internal_error

I got that 3 times last week after the Windows update but for some reason not this week. Maybe because NVIDIA released a new driver. Not sure, though, TBH.

I copied my system to another SSD, didn’t get a single crash since then. the SSD is probably damaged though SMART says no reallocated sectors and 92% health.

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I have a split drive but not sure how to move it to the SSD

what I meant was that my system drive (ssd) was broken and windows also kept crashing outside of games.
Also I had shadowplay running (in other games) a lot and the recording folder was on the system drive. So I completely scrapped that SSD after copying all the data.

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