May 2024 Dev Update

Hey everyone, we’re back to talk about what we’ve been up to in April, what we’re going to get up to in May, and other topics!

:calendar: May Events

We’ve got more fun events lined up for you all in May! Once again, be sure to let us know what events you want to see in the game. We really appreciate any input you all have on these. We’ve also made a thread to keep track of any suggestions you have here.

:confetti_ball: Makeship Campaign Over!

The Cornelius and Birb Makeship plush campaign was a success! You guys rock! We sold 726 plushes, and we are so grateful for everyone’s support with the campaign. They’re now being made, so if you bought a plush, keep an eye out for more info on shipping from Makeship in the coming months!

Keep an eye out for future merch collaborations with Makeship as well!

:roller_coaster: Bumper Cars Update

During April we were hard at work on the Bumper Cars update!

As Bumper Cars is a Plaza attraction, it was a tricky process to work on and test as we have to work on the large main Plaza level. Working on that level can often bring about issues with lighting and other parts of the game that are inter-connected, but Bumper Cars is finally released!

We’re so glad it’s finally out to you all, and its been awesome to see you all having fun with it. We also got a hot fix out to resolve any issues that popped up along the way.

:question: What’s Next?

These are the big features on our minds post-Bumper Cars:

  • Minigolf SDK
  • Ball Race SDK
  • Workshop Sound Packs
  • New Workshop Rig
  • Transit Station Optimizations/Art Pass
  • Arcade, SDNL, & Game World Maps

:golf: Minigolf SDK

We’re shifting our focus to completing the Minigolf SDK, which will allow players to create custom Minigolf maps! It’s an ambitious feature, but it’s going to be fun for you all and also help give us streamlined tools when making Minigolf maps in the future!

During April, progress has been made on various features of the Minigolf: SDK, such as:

  • curved ramp tool
  • side shifter tool
  • improvements and additional features for existing tools
  • half pipe tool
  • s-bend tool

We’re in the final stretch of creating all of the assets for the Minigolf editor, and just need to finish up some additional tools as well as setting it all up.

Like we’ve said before, these Minigolf tools require a lot more work than other Game World Map tools, and we have to balance what we’re working on between the different projects going on. But, we’re making a lot of progress with it!

:checkered_flag: Ball Race SDK

We are also working on getting the Ball Race SDK out, which comes with its own tools, such as a spline platform tool (Canvas Spline Mesh), custom music support (with ogg), and leaderboards for Workshop maps.

For leaderboards, we are planning a way to create staff-approved leaderboards for SDK maps which will work the same as our normal leaderboards but tied to the Workshop map. This process will be similar to the staff-approved unit payouts that both Minigolf and Ball Race will require. The staff-approved process will be done by us tagging a Workshop map as “Unit Approved” and then the unit payouts & leaderboards will be enabled for that map. This is planned so we can ensure maps are made fairly and not just for unit boosting.

:loud_sound: Workshop Sound Packs

We’re really excited to share we’ve been working on Workshop Sound Packs. These will allow players to upload custom sound packs to the Workshop to use in their Condos and SDK Maps! This feature should be available in the next update.

:wrench: Workshop Rig

We’re also very close to finishing a guide for the new Workshop rig and putting some finishing touches on implementing it in the game, and that will be coming out very soon as well.

:bullettrain_front: Transit Station Optimization/Art Pass

We also wanted to share that we’ve been doing optimization work as well as an art pass on the Transit station, which will improve performance and visuals.

:joystick: Arcade, SDNL, and Game World Maps

We’ve gotten started on implementing voice lines for SDNL, but, since working on the Boardwalk, we’ve also been talking about shifting gears and getting some work done on the Arcade as we discussed at the beginning of the year. These discussions have been about finishing games that have artwork, adding new games, and doing optimization work.

There has already been progress on that optimization work, mainly reducing server-side CPU calculations to help with server performance.

Game World Maps are still always in development and waiting for an opportunity for testing and release, and we’re experimenting with some fun ideas for upcoming ones that we’re excited to see come to fruition.

:file_folder: Backend Work / Organization

There’s a couple of things we wanted to touch base on in regard to backend work.

In previous Dev Updates, we brought up the Patron rewards as well as Dedicated Condos work. Patron rewards have had some delays as we were prioritizing a new ban appeal system that will better streamline our moderation process, and dedicated Condos have had delays due to Plaza Optimization work mentioned above. You should see progress on both soon.

We’ve also been working on more thoroughly going through and organizing our forum backlog of bug reports, crashes and other game issues, as well as suggestions. We may ask for some feedback from you all to help us out with narrowing down existing issues in a survey some time, so keep an eye out for that.

That’s gonna do it for this Dev Update, thanks for reading!

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I personally think Bumper Cars addition is a huge success. i saw so many players playing bumper cars and it certainly made plaza & boardwalk feel like much more alive. definitely one of my favorite activities to play with friends and others!! ^o^

i’m also very excited about mini golf & ball race SDK <3 i certainly want to create ball race levels myself hehe!

Will Ball Race SDK (mini golf as well) have like…? one level as selection or will it have a set of at least 10+ levels each? Can we choose how many levels we can have in one set?

That makes me happy to hear!! Do you have priorities on certain types of bugs or do you prefer to do a little of everything? ex: condo bugs since Dedicated Condos are coming up?

i’m also personally very excited about new workshop rig!! Is there possibility that we would get new animations/emotes to come with it?


You mean player model rigs? :thinking:

We’re really excited to share we’ve been working on Workshop Sound Packs…This feature should be available in the next update.


However, when you do implement workshop sounds, could we have some condo content permissions like you do with the canvases? I feel like despite the fact that it’s workshop content and can be moderated, I feel as though it could still be misused. For instance if I were to join a public condo, I don’t want to hear distorted loud music blaring at the spawn point. Or even if it does not break workshop sound rules (whatever those would be) sometimes I like to turn on my own music outside of the game, or being able to disable it for media players. And also not all Tower Unite players have the same music taste.

Just a thought. Great job devs!

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Workshop Sound Packs is fantastic! I’ll probably finally be able to have my favorite OSTs playing in the background in my Condos instead of placing youtube links in my TV’s media player. :partying_face:


I plan to have a setting to disable workshop sounds completely but also workshop sounds will have their own volume slider.


Not sure about the animations/the Ball Race SDK specifics, but in terms of bug priorities, its a bit of both- we’re always working to try and solve general major bugs, and we work on bugs with features that are in active development, and we tackle other bugs in different parts of the game that can be knocked out, since there’s a lot of moving parts to TU.


Thats highly considerate of you to do Mac.

knowing that you had already thought ahead on that says that you truly care about the players experience and arent adding things that you know may be abused with no recourse for players other than you can just leave the condo which is a given.

That truly says alot in my opinion that you took it upon yourself to give powers to the visitor so that they can still stay and enjoy the condo experience with their own levels of sounds to tolerate it. It removes the power of the builder to annoy and troll visitors who willingly are going into these condos to see what they’ve done.

That was awesome of you to have that foresight and act on it.


I do like the bumpercars but I have to be honest after going down there and hearing the mariachi horn every 2 seconds for several minutes straight I think you may want to consider adding a Volume buffer around the Bumper cars so that people in the fishing area aren’t disturbed by hearing that and have a little cool down timer for the horns. Hearing all those horns over and over started to give me a bit of headache after a few so I left.

Also I saw you had increased the number of players ability to join Bumpercars and while I can see doing that because there’s a lot of people playing them atm, I personally felt like 8 people was about right because already it was quite crowed and there wasn’t much driving and more just being in a crunch with no real ability to actually drive your car and so much going on that you really aren’t able to pay attention to your own bumper cars decor or anyone else’s for that matter which makes the decor almost pointless and that’s only my own opinion. I think its just better with a bit fewer cars so you can actually drive but I understand that if there are more players in line people just want to play the game and arent that concerned with numbers.

Last after buying items the squares in which they were supposed to show up in I think… They were all black and didn’t show the item I had bought. I don’t know if that’s been fixed or not yet I haven’t been back over Ive been building.


Quick question: Do you have a rule regarding making adult or sexual Workshop sound effects NOT allowed in the game?

Sound packs would be moderated according to our SDK rules:

So, yes, sexual content would be removed from the workshop.

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Thank you!

All the work on workshop features sounds awesome!!! Definetly looking forward to playing with sound packs and the new rig.


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