August / September 2021 Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in our August / September 2021 Survey!

We had over 6,700 participants, making this our largest survey we have every conducted!

We’ll be using these results and the comments to help us decide where we are taking the game to next!


So, what I’m noticing is, apparently people freaking love Minigolf and hate Little Crusaders. Lol

atleast sweet tooth gets more favorites yet i kept hearing it’s the “worst” map.

that crown actualy goes to kingdom in my opinion cough cough.


People have no taste smh my head


Even in Tower Unite Hospital reigns above all

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I don’t play Virus a ton but I voted Hospital. It’s a fun map

this is pretty much a popularity poll, just finish Dark for the Golf guys and give us a new Ball Race map :C


hahahahaha LC moment :]

Toy Room easily the best map, so that makes sense- but I thought people hated Throne Room. I’ve very surprised that it beat out Market and Amphi.

gasoline my beloved :heart_eyes:

Yeah, that’s what I was saying. Apparently, people really hate LC. As for Throne Room, it’s my second favorite map next to Toy Room. I dont really like Market or Amphitheatre. And yeah, I love Gasoline as well. By far, the best ZM map.

The love for Gasoline is honestly surprising to me. I’ve always found it to be the most boring map, because it’s just too open, no real opportunity to bottleneck zombies or anything. It feels too easy to just run around and avoid everything in such an open space, IMO.

Gasoline isn’t particularly exciting but it’s WAY more fun to play on than Trainyard, imo. Trainyard is just every issue you mentioned about Gasoline (too open, easy to run around and avoid everything) times 1000


My personal faves are Compound and Village, so I’m glad at least Village is way up there. Trainyard is surprising to see that high up, for sure.


for me it’s the complete opposite, i think gasoline blends well for being a run-on-a-middle map.

it’s not too open and not to claustrophobic, trainyard is way too open and compound way to close.

tho aesthetic-wise, gasoline looks cooler, same with village lol.

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I love Gasoline mainly because the big open area on the right side. When I’m playing ZM I’m usually just playing mindlessly, and Gasoline is the right balance of don’t-need-to-pay-attention and not-so-easy-it’s-Trainyard. Village is my favorite if I’m just actually wanting some difficulty while being able to see, which is something I generally like.


OGs and newbies being so close is pretty interesting. I’m actually surprised 2021 is beating 2020, the year of indoor isolation.


Horror Hill once again the surprise breakout hit.


Judging by this poll… I think people greatly underestimate how much Mutators would improve the long-term experience for Game Worlds overall


Giving with how many people said they were new/ never look at devlogs people probably didnt know what mutators were.

i voted for condo i/o


It’s really cool how you can kinda see it growing too

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Also- who tf heard about the survey from Pateron, and how? Only thing I see on there is from over a year ago.