Are there guides for canvas?

I’ve been searching all over and just haven’t found any in-depth guides for canvas. I mean, I get posters and DVD cases and all, but then you have vinyl records and apparently people are building 3D objects. And I just don’t understand where they all found the information to do that. It’s frustrating.

I did find a template for the vinyl canvas, but I need Photoshop to use it (Photopea and GIMP didn’t work so well), so morale is low.

You can also use a free application such as Paint.NET to make your own textures.
It allows for layers which make things a lot easier, as well as additional features which you can use.

And there’s techniques to building complicated objects, such as using the bottom of a sandbox so things are aligned and flat, using canvas cubes and ramps to position other objects inside of them with noclip (V).
It’s just all about practicing and testing, there’s no real guide on anything but using the ingame mechanics to your best.

You can use the canvas “primitives” (Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone, Wedge) at Rob’s Imports to build 3D shapes, but they can be finicky to get right.

There are templates for non-standard canvas items in this thread.

Overall, it’s about learning people’s techniques and practice. To learn proper and interesting uses of canvas shapes, check out condos owned by people like Drrabbit, Computrix [1] [2] or mystic [3]. These three are very skilled builders and canvas users (Drrabbit especially), and you can learn a lot from just visiting their places.

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Rabbit is my son. I did not give you premission to use his name. I will sue you. But going to outtlen’s underwater you can learn a lot

For some reason, I thought I’d already replied, so clearly I’m banging on all cylinders here.

I’ll give those suggestions a look. Thanks guys!

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