Item Template Thread


This thread will act as a directory for item templates until a permanent solution is implemented in-game, for now you can find templates for most of the canvas items here. (Some canvas items don’t require a template since they utilize the entire image.)

DVD/Game Case:

Soda Machine:

Body Pillow:

Vinyl Record:

The embedded templates should be uncompressed, but in case they aren’t or get lost, here’s a zip file containing all of the jpegs.

[] Vinyl record canvases not displaying full image
Are there guides for canvas?
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@JJosh i think you need to widen the dvd case, it looks way too small compared to an actual dvd case image in google


That’s not how it works


what do you mean by that? I know how dvd canvasses work


I feel like a developer would know better about how their DVD cases work than you do.


Obviously, but it looks too (opposite of wide, i forgot what its called) compared to actual dvd covers, maybe it works diffrently but im just sayin what i see with both of my eyes


I just checked in-game and it works fine.

EDIT: Game box-arts work fine as well.


He is a dev.


Also, the fact that i just made a record cover and the template is already here is convinient


Reviving this thread with a template for the Canvas Hanging Flag.


I’ll be updating this thread with more templates fairly soon, for now here’s a quick whipup for the present canvas.

I’m also thinking of expanding certain uvs like the soda machine since there’s a lot of empty space, although it’ll break the current images


i saw someone say they wanted this
glad it has actually happened