Mystic's less than default condo

(also known as Wombo Combo Condo)


I have played tower unite for a long time now, and the condo of my dreams has been the my main project throughout that time. Since I have recently gotten a bit worn out of really only building on the default, I guess now is a pretty good time to show it off.
Imgur album for tl;dr
in the interest of not making this post filled with images, I won’t show the full album.

(it ended up being filled with images despite)

Main condo

every condo has one afterall.


closet (which i made into a party game room)


kitchen (complete with papa johns)

basement (which I recreated into the interior of the starting house from Animal Crossing Gamecube)


now for the real neato stuff.
I enclosed the pool to make it an indoor pool, and added a full poolside bar to it.

to the right is a room with the always required basketball hoop, and my (totally not rigged) plinko machine.

the secondary pool has an added pergola lounge, with hanging vines and greenery for effect.

just in front and above of the second pool, connected with stairs, is a little greenhouse/small park/garden thing.

and finally, the tower

it features 6 floors, which 3 are furnished as of now.

floor 1
the vape lounge/bar/naysh (with 150 battery vape)

floor 2
unfinished, planning on it being a cafe or restaurant.

floor 3
a little empty at the moment, but eventually will be a full casino
only nerds use always lucky diamonds machine items for their custom casino.

floor 4
the rave room, complete with the world renowned DJ Deadca7.

floor 5 and 6, are currently empty.

i will gladly take any ideas!

I plan to reply here with any new updates

and that’s about it. I’m going to be creating my highrise condo now, so it might be awhile before the condo is ‘completed’ which i use very loosely, as this condo is ever expanding with new stuff.
Either way, hope you liked my condo!


This is awesome looking! :smiley:

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looking at some of the detail in this makes me very happy.

very nice.

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Make Top Floor a penthouse

jesus christ this looks so bloody good
i always wonder how the hell do people manage to make shit that looks this good
i wanna be able to get CLOSE to this level of neato-ness

thanks fam