Accessibility Related Suggestions Megathread

The option to toggle the Condo inventory (Q) instead of requiring you to hold it until you click “Lock” would do wonders for my RSI-prone hands, if not a clear “lock” keyboard shortcut so there’s just less holding and finger gymnastics.


Not really an issue more of a peace of mind type thing but as someone with dyslexia who struggles alot with spelling I would really appreciate an auto correct function in the chat

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alot of epilpetics are gamers, including myself. please avoid flashing lights. like in new game mods don’t put them in. please


Not sure if this has been already suggested or planned, but it’s super inconvenient to buy items in bulk ingame right now (I know Tower Express exists and that’s nice, but some items cannot be bought there, i.e. Catsacks), you have to either A: spam left mouse button or B: spam both enter keys.
The solution is very simple, make it so when you hold enter/left mouse button adds 1 periodically a after small delay, OR
You should be able to edit the quantity in the cart after selecting the items you wanna buy.
I don’t have any motor issues, but it does give me pain on my hands every time I want to buy something in bulk at the plaza, and I can’t imagine how much it affects people with these kind of issues.


Was playing Forest with Windows’s night light feature on, and noticed that on several parts of the course, the shadows cast by the surrounding foliage completely obscured key areas of the course (such as angled vs sharp corners). Of course, the shading on the course itself is part of the problem, but it seems like having an option to enable flat shading for the actual play area (and having a different material used for tops/sides of walls) would also be helpful.


Whenever my group and I play Virus, my partner panic scrolls the mouse wheel sometimes, which would normally be fine… But the adrenaline is horrendous for them, as they have a phobia of needles. Especially when they accidentally use it, as it causes them to lock up until they calm down, which is awful for a fast-paced and chaotic game like that.

Changing the adrenaline to something like a Soda or Energy Drink can, we always did that with workshop mods when we played Left 4 Dead 2 because of the same issue. Another idea is maybe herbs akin to Resident Evil, or just something else. Either changing it globally, or adding a needle toggle to the settings for people who are like my partner.


The play area on Bug Bytes is blue, which can make it a bit difficult to see the blue light indicating the hammer location. The play area also doesn’t really contrast well with the blue “features”, although that’s less of an issue as you’re not supposed to be hitting them in the first place.


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Shared, always available condos are planned with existing dedicated server tool,

Permissions saving was also something I thought was mentioned at some point, but I’m not sure.

Also I don’t think that’s the kind of accessibility they meant for this thread.

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  1. Little Crusaders has color-based knight icons to distinguish the rank of each knight outside of the tiny-print text under your name. As someone who is colorblind, it is more difficult to distinguish ranks from each other
  2. A simple and easy temporary solution: add letters on each colored knight to help distinguish each of them apart

E for Esquire
K for Knight
B for Baron
C for Count