Xp wiped


Hi, my XP for multiple minigames was completely wiped about 3 or 4 days ago. I assumed it was a bug and that it would return to normal but it still hasn’t. I had about 250,000 on ball race and 500,000 on virus but it got wiped back to rank 1. I’ve never used any sorts of third party programs that would result in a penalty like this, unless it was a mistake. What happened? My steam username is haruna



Wiping only really happens to people who have been verified for cheating sooooo



I would DM a developer on the forums instead of making a forum post. People jump to conclusions here about cheating quickly.



you have brought certain doom to this thread, foolish adventurer.

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No cheating involved with me, and I had xp wiped in stuff that I performed really poorly in and only did once



i mean if you’ve been believed to be cheating and that gets reported to the devs with good enough evidence you could get stuff reset, the game doesn’t just reset this stuff on it’s own

edit: obviously you could’ve cheated or you might not have, i don’t know the full context of the report, but i’m just saying this stuff doesn’t reset by itself



i think it’s possible that i’ve been mistaken for cheating, but there was no actual cheating done. if any devs see this i just request that they look into this matter again. i was playing pretty hardcore for a few days and enjoying the game and all of that progress was just completely wiped. Killed my drive to play which is really disappointing because I really love the concept of this game



were you using a program that prevents you from being afk?



no, but i was sitting afk in my house for a couple hours and occasionally tabbing back to edit some more? i left the game open but tabbed out a few times, never used any program though



your allowed to do that. If your telling the truth, I have no idea what it could be.



The condo is your own server so I believe you can’t even get xp wiped in there even if you was using a program in your condo. I think it would have to be something that happened outside your condo.

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As the others have said, exp wipes are generally given to those who have been accused of cheating and/or macroing. If you haven’t done either of those, you should contact @Caboose700 privately to try and appeal.



i did that, thanks for the help everyone! hopefully it gets figured out and doesn’t happen to anyone else

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did you dm caboose?



Yes the day I made this thread but no response. I just wanna finish my Virus trophies man.



Well, I can’t do anything. If there not responding, its most likely you have cheated. You might wanna start from scratch, I want to say try dm’ing mac? But I don’t know if he handles this kinda stuff.



They’ve responded to people who cheated before.



Lol I don’t know how to prove my innocence. I definitely did not cheat nor did I use any sort of program. The worst thing I ever did was say something offensive in chat and then say “oh sorry please don’t ban me i didn’t know” when I saw the asterisks instead of the word and that’s the only thing I can even think of that would result in something like this happening if it wasn’t for a bug. And in that case, removing ~20 hours of someone’s work because of habitual slip ups is kinda over the top in my opinion



They don’t wipe XP for saying something offensive in chat. That only ever results in a chat ban.

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