Workshop/in-game way to replace the in-game soundtrack

Small-ish entry for those who are interested

So, guess everyone must’ve happened to be in a situation having to listen to some bad song in the game, wanting to have a better one instead of it but unable to edit the game’s files or have another work-around with that?
…ha. Considering not only the fact people don’t care about the playing music that much, but also the fact Will makes pretty awesome tracks, that might be a rare issue.
But, still. Call me a music-sensitive person, but it happened so that some music in the game just doesn’t happen to do the right trick for me, while I still do want those areas/maps and their levels to have their own, unique soundtrack.
So, uh, I was just having the in-game music turned off, while starting the song I chose in a separate from the game window every time when the original one should’ve been starting in the game.
Which, even with having two monitors, wasn’t too convenient, like you could guess.

So my idea is to be able to replace the in-game tracks with custom once, and it can be done either via workshop addons type for replacing the music or with an in-game menu which lets you choose desired tracks for the replacement from your hard drive.
Would be pretty neat idea for music fans like me if it can be implemented into the game, huh?

Workshop sounds are planned:

In gmod it was also possible to replace sound effects through addons, pretty neat


hmm. Maybe it’s silly, but ain’t completely sure if it does imply music as well

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These are only for playing sounds from an emitter that were uploaded on workshop, not replacing existing sounds.


oh, so it wasn’t music after all.
Do you think you’d like the idea of music replacement addon type?


So since there was a bunch of discussions about main menu music, I also remembered about this suggestion. I also found a couple of similar suggestions with people suggesting this as well (Custom music from workshop, Custom game world music), so hopefully it could be a good addition for cases like that? We could make GMT music packs, write our own music or just use stuff we like, which sounds pretty darn awesome to musicophile like me. Would really like to hope this is going to appear in confirmed features after all :slight_smile: