Custom game world music

So I was thinking the music Ingame Is sort of lacking truthfully but what if we were to get custom tracks we could Import into the game Like for example If I wanted a custom track and to have a possible chance of playing for our example it will be on khromidro and let’s say that custom track would be Minikon - Coca pal that would make a unique feature that would allow us to play old music on the classic maps and or really any music on any maps like heck for little crusaders mother 3s theme of DCMC could play if they have it placed correctly in the game and in my mind I think this feature would be best If you could ise as many custom tracks as you could like

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??? I don’t really understand this. I feel the games soundtrack is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It contributes to the feel and style of each Gameworld very well. If you want to do this, why not just mute the music slider and play this music in the background?


It is not lacking…




I think the music in the game is good.



This wouldn’t be a bad thing though, workshop mods that make client side changes to sounds or music, kinda like what a lot of the mods on the L4D2 workshop do.



just mute the music and play stuff in the background.

ok The music Is not bad at all truthfully but I feel like listening to more tracks than the same stuff over and over again and I feel this would make a great feature And I forgot to mention when I mentioned the game music was lacking I didn’t actually mean It was lacking I meant It is lacking compared to Gmod tower Yes I understand there are limitations and they have to make there own stuff up and if there is a way to expand upon the already existing tracks and whatnot this would be a way heck In the original Ultimate chimera hunt before little crusaders existed there were sooo many tracks from mother 3 used and in the new tower we have alot less and this would be an Incredibly user friendly thing for the game

No need to be rude

To take a quote from 3+ years ago on a similar suggestion:

Personally, I’d love to see something like this. I’m sure some folk would love to throw some nostalgic GMT music in every now and again. I do enjoy the soundtrack as is, but it’d be neat to be able to supplement that with whatever other bangers you’ve got lying around.

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