Custom music from workshop

So it works like that

In “Addons” menu (if one will exist :P) there would be an music section.

There you can replace the music with music downloaded from workshop

It would work like that

(if this would be implemented, can’t wait for GMT music packs :D)

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this isn’t a “workshop suggestion” AFAIK. That category is for user-created mods


Moved from Workshop Suggestions to general Suggestions. Vtipoman is correct, the workshop subcategory is for suggesting things to be made for the workshop, not suggestions about the workshop.


Coolio suggestion but why would you want to replace will’s sick nasty jams and grooves?

Some people might want something new to listen to.

I can remember when I first found the “Classic music mod” for Isaac: Rebirth, never went back to vanilla music after that, of course, Will’s music is very good, so that scenario is a lot less likely to happen to TU for me.