Workshop Editor 2.0



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New Features

  • Calculating bounds of items
  • Better texture importing support (pbr support)
  • Wearable model creation tools: adding a new wearable item type that lets you import custom models and make them into a wearable item (hat, glasses, waist, backpack, etc.)
  • Colorable support
  • Material editing support (adjusting emissive, rimlight, and specular amounts)
  • Custom interactive item support (adding seats, canvas, media, food, drinks, plushy, switch, lamps, sounds, etc.)
  • Custom pet creation
  • Custom collision creation
  • Custom sounds

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this is truly epic my fellow gamers


Epic gamers this is an epic event

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Hello my dear epic Gamers, i have been informed that this epic ‘‘Thing’’ is confirmed to be epic

  • "Material editing support (adjusting emissive, rimlight, and specular amounts)" has been checked off on the "New Features" checklist.
  • "Macklin Guy" commented "Rimlight and specular still WIP"
  • "Calculating bounds of items" has been checked off on the "New Features" checklist.

Sweet. Is this also for collision bounds as well? Once that is added big workshop structures will work so much better

ah yes, it’s all coming back together

I’ve always wondered. Is the Workshop Editor 2.0 intended to fix the slightly wonky accessory offsets for Workshop models? Or is that coming with something else later?

I heard something about introducing map editor with 2.0.
Don’t trust me, it’s just a rumour.

That’s a part of this card:

Ability to edit texture path after importing model? Can’t for the life of me get textures to work, and I’m sure this would help.