Future Workshop Support




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New Addon Types

New Editor Features

  • Roughness, Metallic, Specular sliders
  • Masked material support
  • Colorable support
  • Better texture importing support (pbr support)
  • Custom collision creation


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The card’s discussion link sends us to the initial release thread instead of here as an fyi.

If I recall correctly, non-humanoid player models were planned. I hope that’s still coming.

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We need This.

Don’t necro unless you have something to add

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what about community scripted workshop items?

I got very confused when I read that as futurama…


how do you think they will keep units relevant with with the base hats and what not. only thing i worry about is steam workshop items being better than the ones you’d buy with units. Do you think workshop items would just be like workshop furniture where you buy a box for it, or do you think there would be a way for people to put prices on their individual cosmetic creations, allowing creators to earn units through what they make?

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This idea has been suggested before, but last time I think the devs said they would not be going that route for various reasons.

I think when we get it, you’re either gonna have unlimited access to workshop ones, or there would be a base price for workshop slots without the user being able to set their own price (nor would they get units out of it).

I think having a workshop hat and glasses slot that was really expensive would be a good compromise, I don’t want everyone to have it right off the bat, I don’t know, the whole thing feels off to me. That might just be me with a fear of change.

I would love a system similar to how TF2 hats work, meaning they still hold prestige, but also gets the community involved, and certain hats that are voted for on the steam pages could be involved with a yearly addition sort of thing. These hats would come with credits to the creators and the creators would be rewarded with in-game items.

I think my main worry is that hats will essentially be phased out completely, similar to how the basic player models were treated after the initial workshop update.

the only downside with workshop items is that it will cause performance issues if you place it too much (like between 90-100 items.) unless you have to lower down your settings, i like having shadows on but i couldn’t because of that.

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How will scaling play a part? Will we be looking at a truck sitting at trivia with a mega size Christmas tree on it’s head?

This issue is being addressed soon. We already rolled out a new importer that calculates bounds of workshop models and will be rolling out an update that sets a minimum bounds on older workshop submissions (which just need to be reimported and re-uploaded).

Hats won’t have this issue. We’ve also talked about a hat bounding limit, so you’ll have to make sure your hat fits within certain preset bounds to avoid massive hats.


much obliged mac :purple_heart:

Thanks mac, absolute legend.

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