Woodlands & Altitude Update (

Woodlands - A New & Familiar Ball Race Map

Breathe in that naTUre and enjoy the remake of Grassworlds from GMTower, featuring new levels and a brand new song.

Altitude Remastered

Altitude was completely remastered with tons of bug fixes and design changes.
“I did it again hope you like it” - Lifeless

ATTENTION: PAK is Now Default, Greatly Decreasing Load Times, But Increases Download!

In this update we’ve also enabled PAK by default. PAK is a compression method that will greatly decrease load times for everyone (HDDs and SSDs).

However, PAK requires downloading the entire game for each update. We recommend users who have metered internet or low bandwidth internet opt out of this PAK version. You can opt out by right clicking on Tower Unite in your Steam library, click on properties and then the betas tab. Select the “lowbandwidth” beta branch via the drop down. The low bandwidth branch will download only the changed files in updates, drastically reducing download amounts - but will also increase load times.


  • New Ball Race race map Woodlands
  • Minigolf: Altitude - massive visual overhaul
  • PAK is now default, greatly decreasing load times (opt out by switching beta branch to “lowbandwidth”)
  • Added “next event/minigame” HUD element for Plaza
  • Fishing: Increased sea dollar spawn rates
  • Fishing: Adjusted very hard difficulty to be more forgiving and less likely to happen
  • Balloon Shoot now has combo support
  • Virus - Subway: Widened a corridor entrance to allow infected to access an area easier
  • Virus - Subway: Added some paneling near the main ticketing area to block a long viewpoint to prevent infected from being sniped off as easily
  • Optimized the main menu a ton, should help boot up times (no longer loads in things it shouldn’t need to). Also no longer loads the player model unless you are in appearance mode (menu fps speed up)
  • Reduced chainsaw volumes
  • Sea Dollar now shows up in the collection book

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized PAK File: Assets in PAK are now arranged by load order
  • Fixed workshop RAM/VRAM leaks
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Optimized more Plaza code
  • Fixed collision issues with pool noodles
  • Fixed inventory collision issues with fishing rod
  • Minigolf - Garden: Fixed hole 4 pipe being too slow
  • Minigolf - Garden: Fixed hole 5 HIO not being reliable
  • Minigolf - Garden: Fixed hole 12 pipe issues (also added a camera for better viewing)
  • Minigolf - Garden: Fixed hole 13 HIO not being possible (or unreliable)
  • Minigolf - Garden: Fixed hole 13 out of bounds issue (near the HIO area)
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 1 tube being too slow
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 4 HIO not being possible (or unreliable)
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 5 tube being too slow
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 12 HIO not being possible (or unreliable)
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 13 left cannon causing out of bounds
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 13 HIO not being possible (or unreliable)
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 15 HIO not being possible (or unreliable)
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 16 not having effects for the barrels being spawned
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed barrels on hole 16 being removed too soon
  • Minigolf - Emission: Fixed hole 16 laser bridge bouncing balls out of bounds
  • Fixed Alpine minigolf leaderboards not loading properly in the collection book
  • Virus - Fixed a crash related to adrenaline


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


Excited to play both of the maps!


It looks like this will be a good year for PixelTail. First the GMTower 10 year reunion, and now this! Thanks PixelTail!


You guys definitely nailed it with the memory leaks. My performance is back to what it was pre-


Quicker loading vs. longer downloads. I choose PAK

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i select lowbandwidth still 10go to dowload

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You’ll only have to do that once.

Unfortunately it’s out of our control. It’s really annoying for us too because everytime we switch branches from dev testing to public we have to download as well. Steam needs better branching.


sorry for the bump, but woodlands is NOT “Very Easy”


I don’t find any Ball Race courses to be remotely easy lol.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be taking all feedback into consideration for possible future rebalancing or more likely a difficulty level change, if it is warranted.

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woodlands is easy, but it’s that swinging hammer stage that bumps it from very easy to easy or even medium depending on the person. a better fit for a ball race “very easy” map would be nimbus as it has a very simple design with easy stages, but even then it has the annoying spinning hammer mechanic on the final stage.

I feel like medium’s a bit too much.

people have been talking about woodlands improvements in this thread:

not sure if you’ve seen it :slight_smile:

Thanks. I try to read the forums as much as I can, but I miss things sometimes. I’ll be making a post-launch woodlands quality-of-life update that I’ll try to make sure gets out alongside village.


I think glxy is very easy, but that could be because i played it a jillion times

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