Woodlands Improvements Thread

I generally quite like the new map, and its accompanying music, but as with new maps there are just a few things (Feel free to add on to these):

  • Difficulty seems unfitting to me, I would suggest medium, or changing maps like nimbus to very easy and this to easy

  • Level 5’s fans don’t quite operate consistently, and Level 9’s pipe geometry bounces players out too easily

  • “Goal circles” are generally too small, and their edges stick out and cause collisions when trying to get in, definitely the hardest goals to get into quickly

(Trying to keep these as reasonable fixes, and not level reworks)

The majority of levels in woodlands are significantly shorter than nimbus (in the 5-6 second range). I made a thread earlier showing some skips which are pretty easy to pull off. Difficulty is also subjective so I’d like to see what others have to say about it. I would give the map a few more days before suggesting it be changed to “Easy”

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i agree that the fans dont work and messed me up multiple times and they should be fixed
the goals should be bigger and not have the border around them that causes the annoying bumpy (sometimes knocking me off the map when trying to go into the goal)
but i say that these maps are just as easy or easier than nimbus on some of them so i think the difficulty is just fine

To elaborate on difficulty, this map just used a lot of slim platforming, which isn’t super hard for experienced players, but comparatively to nimbus seemed out of place. The map felt much less open, and although some courses were fine, others definitely felt far beyond nimbus to me. I guess this is a subjective thing though.

I think the difficulty is appropriate, if it was changed then I couldn’t see it go any further than Easy. It’s definitely not medium (especially when directly compared to Khromidro/Event Horizon).
I’ve had no issues with the fans, I fell straight off the first time but slowed up for my second attempt and it was fine. Just don’t hold W or you’re gonna go straight over the second one because you’re too fast. Level 9 could definitely be changed to throw people off the map less, that might confuse newer players.


you could say that you’re not a fan


Perhaps I’m in the minority here (Which is cool), but this did feel about Khromidro in terms of difficulty. I like to think I’m not an awful player, but to me short =/= easy. For the level changes, I suppose it’s a balance of not just mindlessly pushing W, and intuitive design. Obviously not all levels should just be go forward as fast as possible, but the fan and curved ones felt a little too punishing for doing what the level seems to want you to do (Especially for very easy).

Glad to get some good feedback though.

One thing I’m noticing is that newer players don’t understand the goo/sludge. They run right over it and wonder why they died, perhaps adding a small green particle effect and possibly a sound would be a simple way of saying “don’t touch this”


I think the Sumit level is Very Easy and Woodlands is Easy.


devs pls bump up the difficulty so we earn more units from playing thx


Little bit of a bump to this thread since it’s still being talked about.

I have my own personal opinions, but from Discord, global chat, Steam Discussions, and here, there is a relatively strong consensus on the following:

  • The difficulty is too low, and needs at least some sort of bump to compare to other maps properly

  • Toxic mud needs to be more obviously toxic, if not in texture, in particle effects or signage

I have my own thoughts described above, but if the map is to be hot fixed—based on my experience—that’s the refined shortlist of qualms people have thus far.

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maybe a cute little sign with a toxic symbol on it sticking out of the mud

EDIT: yay me https://i.imgur.com/er1IEMU.png


I agree. I think it was originally green, then changed to brown? I think purple would send a good message as well as constrast against the green of the level.

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Thank you for the feedback. I will take all of this into consideration. :slight_smile: