Winter 2018! (

Holidays are here!

This year we’ve added new holiday themed events such as characters (Santa Claws, Marshy, Tree, Cookie King, and Duke of Ettington), 9 new holiday items such as a remote-controlled sleigh, and improved Snowball Battle with a new Blizzard Blaster weapon (and higher payouts).

In this update we also addressed several issues and optimized the game further.


We’ve been working hard on our next update, which is due to come out after the XMas holidays. All the new unlockables will be held in the upcoming collection book. Check out our latest weekly log to see exactly what it will entail here: Weekly Dev Log for December 10th, 2018.


  • Plaza has been updated for the holidays!
  • New and improved Snowball Battle. Hit enemies with snowballs with the Blizzard Blaster
  • New holiday items: Cookies and Milk, Snowflake, Stocking, Ice Rink, Hockey Net, Hockey Puck, Canvas Present, Gingerbread Man, Remote-Controlled Sleigh
  • Presents now arrive on the beach
  • New holiday themed event characters
  • Optimized various internal resources to help with load times
  • Reorganized and added more item tags
  • Colorable editing now has tabs for each color instead of just a long horizontal list
  • Day/night condo settings now properly replicate and save per snapshot
  • Reduced treasure pickup delay time from 10 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Improved item award UI effects
  • Disabled jetpack start and stop sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed canvas wall, glass wall, and frames not having proper rotations internally which caused issues with gizmos and rotation networking
  • Fixed canvas trust level approval not saving or updating properly
  • Fixed workshop player models not always assigning to other players (including yourself) when you first join a server
  • Increased precision with item rotation networking
  • Fixed physics items not syncing properly when players first join
  • Fixed another crash due to canvas disk cache
  • Fixed bucket collision
  • Fixed picnic table not being a seat
  • Fixed Pergola model not being aligned properly
  • Fixed Football Net not scaling properly
  • Fixed Sliding Door not scaling properly
  • Suite: Fixed a lighting error with the shelves
  • Resort: Fixed teleporter causing resetting player scales when used
  • Resort: Fixed teleporter pillar not being centered properly
  • Resort: Fixed some suite walls (the upper roof corner ones) not being editable
  • Resort: Fixed a duplicate light switch in one of the suites
  • Resort: Fixed some suite lights being mislabeled
  • Resort: Fixed some roof geometry poking through the casino ceiling
  • Resort: Fixed missing collision for the atrium maintenance ceiling
  • Resort: Fixed FPS issues around pool at night time
  • Resort: Fixed some storefronts not being editable
  • Resort: Fixed handrails being offset (including the glass) in the shopping area
  • Resort: Fixed a missing skylight frame
  • Resort: Fixed a collision issue around the pool area
  • Resort: Fixed a collision issue with the maintenance walkways


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.



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> no achievements and milestones

They’re actively being worked on.


winter time
heck yes Patch (build 3395893)

Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Added santa hats to the stray and the RC sleigh
  • Fixed character spawns sometimes colliding with map boards
  • Fixed damage indicators happening sometimes even when you are not playing a minigame
  • Fixed ice rink z fighting issue
  • Fixed additional reported fatal errors
  • Fixed an issue with canvas walls
  • Fixed player ghosts showing up in the snowball battle arena
  • Fixed issue with canvas presents

i keep hearing minigolf in the plaza, is that also an item?
also i just got the sleigh and i love it

That’s an emote. There is a working minigolf ball milestone planned though!


oh that makes a lot more sense now thanks

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i’m aware, yeah, i keep up with the development a lot
but still i got blue balled so hard when i saw there was an update released and i got so hyped for a second, thought you lot released milestones. Patch #2 (build 3396065)

Changes/Bug Fixes
Fixed sleigh first person camera clipping issues
Fixed pergola collision
Fixed ice rink design missing

An additional patch is being developed currently


yeees first person time

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