Who's Bilingual?

I, myself was told by my parents that there’s no such thing as bilingual, that there was homolingual and heterolingual and you had to pick one. Apparently the bible said ‘Adam and Eve’ not ‘Hebrew and Cantonese’ but it didn’t stop me picking up mandarin Chinese this year.


Who else has got a talented tongue (inb4 inappropriate jokes)

After my first year in Java class, they started to count it as a foreign language credit.

Guess so.

no way!

Engrish and a small amount of Japanese.

English, Spanish and some German. I’d like to learn French or Italian as well

German, English, Russian. I’d love to know Finnish and Ukrainian as well :grin:

English and a bit of Spanish (:

English and Japanese. I did take Korean, but I hardly remember anything.

Guys please don’t forget that this thread is about SPEECH languages, not programming languages :stuck_out_tongue:

I fluently speak Dutch and English and I’m ok at speaking Spanish. I can also speak a bit French.

I speak every language on earth… with google translate…

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