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Read ya loud and clear Radek.

Ok, so I code in C++, and Lua.


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(void)
    cout << "Yo" << endl;
    return 0;


function Hello()
    print( "Yo":rep(10) )

Who else is ‘Bilingual’ (fluent in multiple programming languages)?

When it comes to programming what does fluent mean? I am currently working with PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL (not sure if either of them is actually a programming language), but not without looking up stuff.

I think PHP and JavaScript are definitely languages, not sure about MySQL.

EDIT: yeah MySQL is a language ( mybad )

I think that if you are given an algorithm to implement ( such as quick-sort, binary-trees, hash-maps ), and you can implement them without having to research the language you are using, then I would consider that “fluent”.

Naturally those algorithms require research ( I don’t remember quick-sort off the top of my head ), but I am able to manipulate my languages of choice to get what I want without having to look anything up regarding the language itself ( most of the time ).

For instance, while I have written code in PHP, I don’t consider myself a “PHP Programmer” as I can’t even remember how to make an Array, or how classes work without looking up those topics on google.

Metaphorically speaking, my PHP skills are equivalent to knowing how to say a few phrases like “Where is the bathroom” in Spanish, but having to look at a booklet to construct more complex sentences.
Whereas my C++ skills are like a second (speaking) language to me.

Obviously I don’t want to deter anyone from programming.
You get really good with a language by practicing it a lot.
I’ve been programming in C++ for about 6 years now ( I programmed Java for a few years before that ).

Aside from all that, if you can get done what you need to get done using code, you’re a programmer. : )

Well I’m starting to learn html…does that count? :open_mouth:

HTML isn’t technically a programming language, it’s a “Markup Language” ( the ‘ML’ at the end ).
It’s text that is parsed to determine the layout of visual content ( like a script for a play ).

Essentially you are writing a document which the computer then “Prettifies” into readable content.
Because it lacks directives like ‘if statements’, ‘functions’ and ‘for loops’, it can’t really be “programmed” to do anything.

That’s where JavaScript comes in.
JavaScript lets you write instructions that tell the browser how you want the page to be laid out rather than doing it yourself.

JavaScript also allows you to program responses for HTML elements when a user interacts with them.

That’s not to say that HTML isn’t important. HTML is the medium through which you display things in the browser, so you certainly need to know it when you’re working in web development.

In short, the distinction I’m making is between “Programming Languages” and “Markup Languages” is that programming languages work with instructions (things to do) and markup languages work with data (things to read / interpret).

Sorry about this thread is turning into “Zak barfs up really long posts about programming junk”.

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I believe SQL is a language, and MySQL is just a Database Engine that uses SQL (Structured Query Language)

To answer the question, while I wouldn’t call my self fluent in any of the following languages, I eventually figure out how to do something given enough time.

I’m probably most experienced in PHP, and even saying that I haven’t even touched Model View Controllers yet. My coding style’s probably sloppy but I understand it and it works for what its worth heh. Obviously (based on the PHP knowledge), I know HTML, however CSS is still a trouble for me sometimes. JavaScript (and JQuery) knowledge is hit or miss, depending on what I need to program. I’ve recently gotten into C#, making some small windows applications which are basically clones of other programs running on my computer. I dabbled with Java a bit, even attempted some Minecraft Modding as well ( I have massive respect for those guys after doing that). I have basic knowledge in C and even less knowledge in C++. I really want to get into them, but I haven’t really found good tutorials for teaching me anything about it. I’ve also always kind of wanted to learn Assembly Language as well, just for shits and giggles really, but not grasping C/C++ probably hinders learning the language LOWER than them. I’ve also got experience with SQL, seeing as PHP and MySQL go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

All in all though, I like to think that I’m pretty well versed in the things I need to be at any given time. The one thing I would say is, I don’t really think its much of a requirement to be an EXPERT in anything really in this day in age. Learning how to google for what you are trying to accomplish gets the job done more often that not.

So to answer the question, I code PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, Java, C#, and a tiny bit of C/C++.

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