When is the halloween event happening

the title says it all, just wondering, this would be my first time being part of an event lol ^-^’’

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And when the condo contest will be announced lol

iirc, the Halloween Event always starts way later than expected. I missed last year’s Halloween event due to my computer dying. But I think the event usually starts the week of Halloween (though I wish it would start on October 1st)

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The condo contests are planned to run from the 1st to the 14th of every month.

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what do you mean by, the week of halloween? sorry, my brain is fried xD

They mean, like, the same week that Halloween happens in

Just in-case anyone wants to know when the previous ones happened, here ya go:

Halloween 2017 - October 23rd
Halloween 2018 - October 20th
Halloween 2019 - October 27th


I just realized they can’t have the funny axe in the logo this year

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I’ve never noticed that before, dang. RIP the 1 axe.


oh, so that kinda week, okay, thank you! ^-^

I was fully expecting it to be Oct 1st. Thanks for the heads up.


? why

there are no 1s in 2020