Halloween 2018! (

Build Your Own Haunted House

This year we’ve added new Halloween items designed for haunted house creation. Placeable lights, placeable particle FX (more to be added in later updates), and placeable sounds. With these new FX items, you can change the mood of your condo.

Improved Halloween Events

In the 2017 Halloween events, everyone had to fight over the remains that spawned. This year we reworked the system so that everyone has a fair chance. When the events begin, the remains will be pre-assigned and hidden for everyone but you. That way no one can just sneak by and take your ghastly remains.

We’re also including the 2017 items in this event, so you get another chance at them.

With that said - we hope you have a spook-filled Halloween!

Hey Custom Indiegogo Backers!

Your statues are ready to view in the Art Gallery! We’re still working on the remaining furniture backer items, but we are very close to being done with them.


  • Added new exclusive Halloween event items for 2018: Crystal Ball, Ethereal Pumpkin, Haunted TV, and Hell Portal
  • Added Spooky Sound Emitter, Flies FX, Moths FX, Floor Fog FX to Celebrations (also available in Halloween events)
  • Added Placeable Light, Placeable Spot Light, Emergency Light to Electronics (also available in Halloween events)
  • Added Whiskey, Port, Tall Wine Bottle, Moonshine, Sake Bottle, Sake Cup, Vodka, Water Bottle, Mason Jar, Shot Glass, and Splat Soda to the Bar and Vending machines
  • Improved stability for minigames
  • Backer statues are now available in the Art Gallery
  • Tool weapons no longer can interact with locked items
  • Added feedback for when you are out of items to duplicate with Copycat
  • Created a new item type for placing down FX particles in the Condo
  • Added light function support to all lamp items
  • Added tiling support to condo surfaces
  • Added placeable lights and spot lights
  • Added placeable sound emitters
  • Copycat now works on Condo lights
  • Treasure events (metal detector, forgotten remains, etc.) are now pre-assigned to each player that is connected to the server when the event begins. This change means no other player can see your treasures or take them from you. Since treasures are now pre-assigned, the amount of treasure has been increased. This gives players a fair chance at collecting treasures equally

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed living lobby players not showing up
  • Fixed/optimized light editing in Condos
  • Fixed tool weapon prompts displaying when you cannot use them (scale tool and stasher)
  • Fixed copycat creating a duplication ghost when you are out of items to duplicate
  • Fixed chat rules typo
  • Fixed condo surface coloring not working if you have a canvas set

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


nice job devs, now its time for us all to be

It’s Spooky time boys!

Thanks guys. Enjoy Halloween as well.


So lemme get this straight: Tower Unite Halloween update came right with Scream Fortress X.
PixelTail = Valve


20th is just a good day
today people i know and myself have set up halloween decorations
just a day that’s good to release it you know

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Oh, didn’t know that! (My country dosen’t celebrate Halloween, rip)

You’ve worked well as usual Mac.

Damn more alcohol … i sign up right now ! great job ! happy halloween best event of the year :slight_smile: :wolf:

Happy halloween all!


Had to look that up because it was hard to believe. Halloween is actually celebrated in Poland


Wow. that sounds surprisingly good

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exactly I love it

No, it isn’t?
Like, people celebrate it, but officially, Halloween isn’t a thing in Poland.

gotta love how this killed my fps on plaza

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Ah, yeah, I see that now

You guys only do All Saints Day and All Souls Day over there. But, like you just said yourself, people do celebrate it, even if it’s not official

Getting all the new items in this event is gonna be a pain though when you can also win the old ones that one propably already has a hundred of.

Anyway it’s time for me to go join the skeleton wars

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