Halloween 2019 Events! (

New Halloween Plaza

This Halloween we’re bringing back the cauldron. Collect remains and unlock various Halloween exclusive items. However, this year you can choose which items you’d like to get with Ghoul Coins.

New Zombie Massacre Map: Village

The blue moon is at its fullest in this rural England location. A combination of close quarters, urban streets, and open fields and forests. Keep off the moors, and stick to the roads.

Village’s difficulty is Very Hard and thus is quite challenging. Keep a look out for the new monsters!

New Zombie Massacre Monsters

We’ve added new monster types in Zombie Massacre such as Ghosts, Skeletons, Exploding Pumpkins, and Werewolves. We’ve also tweaked the sounds of existing monsters. All monsters, excluding Werewolves (which are exclusive to Village) are available in every map.

Ghoul Coins

While playing games in Tower Unite during this year’s Halloween event, you’ll earn Ghoul Coins. These coins can be redeemed in the Plaza for Halloween 2019 items. You can earn them by playing Plaza minigames or Game Worlds!

Halloween Minigames

Participate in the Ghost Hunting and Pumpkin Smash minigames.

What’s That?

Something weird is now in the Plaza.

40+ New Halloween Items

We’ve also added plenty of new ghoulish items. Use your Ghoul Coins to unlock these new items. New jetpack variants such as Angel Wings and Demon Wings are sure to be a treat.

New Condo Maps: Smooth Autumn

As requested, we’ve made a new condo variation of Smooth Dirt for the season. This autumny version is priced the same as Smooth Dirt.

Updated Virus: Overtime

Overtime’s layout has been updated based on user feedback.


  • New Zombie Massacre map: Village
  • Added Ghoul Coins, the currency of the undead. Play any game in Tower Unite to earn Ghoul Coins.
  • New Halloween 2019 items (40+)
    • Available in Ghoulcery Store (requires Ghoul Coins):
      • Angel Wings
      • Bat Wings
      • Butterfly Wings
      • Demon Wings
      • Fairy Wings
      • Fly Wings
      • Cranium
      • Tesla Top Hat
      • Cow Skull
      • Angel Halo
      • Devil Horns
      • Death’s Cloak
      • Jack-o’-Lantern Head
      • Devil Tail
      • Pumpkin Particles
      • Skull Particles
      • Candy Corn Particles
      • Bat Particles
      • Stink Particles
      • Flying Skull Pet
      • Flying Flaming Skull Pet
      • Rolling Pumpkin Pet
      • Haunted Minecart
      • Ancient Bonefire
      • Fairy Pet
      • Flying Pumpkin Pet
      • Falling Leaves
      • Autumn Leaves Particles
      • Devil Wings
      • Broken Radio
    • Available in Celebrations:
      • Brain in a Jar
      • Frankenstein Bed
      • Frankenstein Generator
      • Jack-o’-Lantern
      • Jacob’s Ladder
      • Lightning Machine
      • Modern Tesla Coil
      • Plasma Machine
  • New Halloween 2019 events, collect remains and ghoul coins.
  • New Halloween 2019 characters
  • New Condo map: Smooth Autumn, an autumny variation of Smooth Dirt
  • Virus: Overtime layout changes
  • Vomit sound no longer plays if you have the vomit setting turned off
  • ZM: Added spawn in effects for zombies
  • ZM: New monster types - Skeletons, Ghosts, and Jack-o’-lantern
  • ZM: New monster type - Werewolf (exclusive to Village)
  • ZM: Tweaked the health bar to make the background colour less dark and added colour contrast to it
  • ZM: New monster sounds (unique spawn, idle, attack, death sounds for each monster type)
  • ZM: Increased difficulty/zombie amount for Day 1 and 2 across all maps
  • Virus: New Sonic Shotgun sounds
  • Virus payout adjustments:
    • Biohazard (Lost) - 50U -> 100U Per Survivor (Up to 6)
    • Biohazard (Won) - 100U -> 200U Per Survivor (Up to 6)
    • Patient Zero - 30U -> 50U Per Survivor
    • 4th Place and Below - 200U -> 300U (This actually does apply to infected too)
    • Infected Have Taken Over - 30U -> 150U

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hedges in dark lighting settings
  • Fixed Resort aquarium
  • ZM: Fixed bug where if you died while being a zombie player - the camera would fall through the floor

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


I’m standing right here, you know.


Will you add the Scythe in a hotfix?
Edit: Yes. Thanks to @ScienceBird for this link

Another impressive improvement on Holiday events.

The Ghoul coin currency makes a great addition to forgotten remains. Good way to encourage players to go out and play games and make activities feel more worthwhile. Also The UI notification of acquiring one is spooky and satisfying, real nice touch!

2018 introduced a good batch of fun furniture and condo effects, these 2019 items match that quality in the form of player cosmetics. Wings are a hugely welcome animated alternative to jetpacks. All of the effects/animations on the new items make them feel so lively. Hope the scythes make their way in!

Also the hedge maze quest was a cool surprise. Hope to see that simple quest system elaborated on.

Maybe its just the timing of holidays, but Halloween always seems to step up holiday events the most. Bringing in the content from previous years in a more polished manner, while providing MORE content on top of it, is really making these holiday events feel more rich and lively.

Love the new update, y’all did a killer job! I’m looking forward to carving out some time to stock up on Ghoul coins and get all the new items.


I love the additions of ghoul coins, new ZM monsters, and many non-furniture (and thus not replaceable through the use of the workshop) Halloween items!

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Thank you for taking my suggestions :heart:

can’t wait to get home and play this!


i’m weirded out

What are the general opinions on the event? I’m trying it out tonight, got the notification it was live at around midnight last night so haven’t tried it out yet.

I think everyone’s enjoying it for the most part, the event is now less RNG based, and encourages playing games rather than waiting on the beaches. The [REDACTED] in the plaza is personally one of my favourite things, and overall it’s got a lot of charm and is genuinely fun to play. Perhaps ghoul coins might need a bit of tweaking, but even as is they aren’t much of a grind considering you get them from normal play.

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its okay i guess

tho i do wish the ghoul coins need some slight tweaking or buff, getting only one coin for completing one full game (like ZM) is low imo

otherwise its fine

Depend on luck, you can get 1-3 coins per ZM game actually.


Thanks again Pixeltail!

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can you make a tag for inventory searching for the 2018 and 2017 items so i can keep track of what i need? Or integrate them into the Halloween tag

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