We’re happy to release for you all!

Indiegogo Backer Digital Items
This update includes the digital backer items for our Indiegogo backers. If you have linked your Steam Account to the backer panel, you’ll receive your digital items directly after the splash screens in-game. We are still working on custom backer rewards and you can follow progress on our Trello.

Condo To Lobby Link (Peer 2 Peer)
We’ve been ramping up development on the Condo peer 2 peer system. This system powers the condo lobby doors and connects all condo chat with corresponding lobby chat. We’ve gotten the groundwork done and it works pretty well on Windows dedicated servers. However, it does not currently function on Linux dedicated servers. We’re actively looking into this issue and we hope to further development of this powerful feature.

GMT to Tower Unite Transfer
The GMT to Tower Unite transfer system is ready for your use. You can perform the transfer in-game or out of game (through http://www.gmtower.org). The transfer is an opt-in feature for our most dedicated GMod Tower players. Transferring will not erase your Tower Unite progress.

To those who have lost their condo at some point, we are sorry to say that we cannot bring them back for this transfer. We also have noticed certain items missing that we also cannot bring back for this transfer. Plates and VIP Baskets will be given out at a later date and are unrelated to this transfer program.


  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.11. Note: There may be new bugs due to the change over.
  • Added Indiegogo backer digital rewards (custom rewards are still being worked on)
  • Added Indiegogo backer tag to the scoreboard player list
  • Added new Condo building block items (22 items)
  • Added 34 new items: DVD Case (canvas support), Mouse, Pergola, Coffee Pot, Coaster, Toaster, Notebook (writable), Sandbox, Wooden Bar Table, Wooden Bar Stool, Desk Chair, Executive Desk Chair, Grill, Shrine (canvas support), Mouse Pad, Trophy Case, Paper Towel Holder, TV Remote, Die (dice), Hearticles, Star Particles, Pixel Particles, Rainbow Star Particles, Flare Particles, Macaroni Particles, Console Table, Bar Counter, Desk Stationary Set, Hammock, Shower Head, Paper Wall, and Customizable Stairs
  • Added orientation arrows for moving inventory items
  • Added colorable color swatch saver (you can save colors to apply to other colorable items)
  • Added transparency support (PNG) for canvases. Select ‘Cutout’ shape to apply it
  • Added glow support for canvases
  • Updated garden grass in Condo
  • Made crates colorable
  • Made the Condo shower door openable
  • Disallowed age restricted media for theaters and non-Condo hosts
  • Inventory window now remembers where you were scrolled to
  • Virus: Added a delay to TNT detonation
  • Minigolf: Updated Garden, Waterhole, and Altitude with various minor changes and par adjustments


  • Fixed a bug with store checkout button
  • Improved media player rendering performance
  • Fixed media requests sometimes playing immediately if requested shortly before the next media begins
  • Fixed not being able to sit on wooden benches
  • Minigolf Waterhole: Wooden Post on hole 17 no longer hits you Out of Bounds
  • Minigolf Waterhole: Going through the right hand side pipe on hole 9 no longer hits you Out of Bounds
  • Minigolf Garden: Made it 99.9% impossible to get stuck on the edge of funnels for holes 12,13 + 15
  • Fixed Victorian chair not saving its colors properly
  • Fixed Minigolf customize window getting stuck on sometimes
  • Fixed Cafe Chair textures
  • Fixed the drumset repeating drum hits while you hold down a key
  • Fixed not being able to shoot in some areas (mainly doorways and seats) in Virus
  • Improved audio channels with voice chat, which may fix overflowing issues
  • Fixed players swaying/moving when in the Condo Lobby or Game World ports
  • Improved loading performance of the player character (might decrease initial load times)
  • Fixed lag that occurs when you set player colors

What we’re actively working on:

  • Memory leaks
  • Linux dedicated Lobby servers crashing
  • Condo / Lobby door connections
  • Casino
  • Theater vote skip
  • Key binding
  • Server sorting
  • Virus weapons sometimes appear out of the hands of other players

Love you devs!



Great work, looking forward to when I can try the update myself.


Good job devs! I am loving this new update.

FINALLY. Thank you so much.


@Toycyborg there we go

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#I have never been so happy in my life. Thank you devs

:smile: :blush:


Nice. Transferred 125k!


Weird, I didnt get anything from GMT. I lost everything now. TU doesnt even show my nickname and shows Player and white icon. I had 2000 Units and it’s gone. Is it bug? I transferred in gmtower.org

Sounds like you aren’t connected to Steam.

Oh, I fixed. I restarted Steam like 5 times and it works. Thanks for the updates macdguy and all TU devs.

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thanks guys super excited!




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R.I.P Corners ;_;

But srsly, thx for update. Keep up the good work pepole :wink:

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Easy 6 mil unites :sunglasses:

ayy its happening

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Excellent job as usual PixelTail :slight_smile:

Amazing all we need to wait is just the doner items and more fixes.