How long will the GMT transfer last?

As the title states, I would like to know how long do GMT users have to transfer their funds over to Tower Unite?
I’m sorry if this has been posted already, but I don’t see it anywhere.

Also after doing my transfer, I was looking back at my items on GMT and noticed a mistake. Some items were missing, as I know I had 2 "big speaker"s and the rave ball. I’m not sure where I can get support on this.

I don’t believe there is a cut-off date for the GMT to Tower Unite transfer. It’ll stay up for the foreseeable future.

As for missing items:

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He didn’t say he lost his condo, though. I have the same problem. I never lost my condo. Had all of my items up until the end. But when I did the transfer, there were items missing.

I’d read what I quoted again.

Oh, is that what he meant by that? I did see that but I just assuming he was talking about if you lost your condo. My bad.