I don’t mean to sound rude but these backer particles look mediocre compared to the ones you can buy

You can barely see the flames, the electricity effect is just damn ugly and the sparkles are barely visible too

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First off, thanks for the awesome update!

Secondly, when will the people that donated to Gmod Tower get their exclusive items as well, like the condo layout and such?

Anyone else having much longer loading times and freezes when having just joined (like everything is spawning in while you walk)

All particle effects are kinda weak actually. @J_P suggested a slider to set the intensity of the effect.


might be related to this. they also changed some lightning related stuff.

I just did the transfer but I didn’t get any of my items. Do the items not transfer or something?

items get crushed into funds

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

it’s very detailed on the website. you can even check which items you owned and wore.

I know. I saw all that.

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Can’t wait, the update is downloading right now! :heart_eyes:

Diggity dope update fellows :new_moon_with_face:

It’s only 2000, shhhhhhh

Where on gmtower.org is the link to perform the Unit transfer? I can’t find it anywhere.

Never mind, found it.

How long does the transfer take? I’ve been on the page for about 25 minutes, and it’s not doing anything…waiting for my 350,000 units T_T

It happens instantly. Just click the button and then start the game. You don’t need to wait.

Amazing work, great update. Thanks for all the hard work guys! :thumbsup:

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