UCH Lava Bath in Little Crusaders


So, ever since my reply to a Lava/Dungeon Map suggestion by @Leviathan, I’ve had the idea to port the map Lava Bath by CubeMath just sitting in the back of my head for whenever workshop map support came out…

And then it did.

But then collision for hidden objects was broken…

But now that’s fixed.

So now it’s out!

Map Details

This is pretty much a scaled-up version of the original, I believe it fits well with the faster pace and looser feel of Little Crusaders compared to Ultimate Chimera Hunt. Beyond that though, the overall layout of the map remains consistent in proportion. Minor differences include the rounded sections having more sides, due to the geometry of canvas cylinders being a lot more forgiving than the brushwork in the original, and the background details (spikes, volcanoes, cliffs) not being exact copies because they weren’t the main focus.

Some dynamic features have been omitted, like the rising lava and breakaway slope. The rising lava I plan to add once we get the ability to move objects with Condo I/O, and the breakaway slope I’m not entirely sure if I want to add. The larger of the sinking pillars has been replaced by a platform that will be in one of a few positions each round. The central pillar that the Chimera would spawn on has been left out for now–I do intend to add this once we get the ability to move objects, for the sake of spawn-protection.

My main memories of this map consist of lobbies just devolving into tail whip-only matches where the Chimera would almost exclusively try to swipe the Pigmasks into the lava. This made it one of the more memorable maps for me alongside the usual favorites like Club Titiboo, Laboratory, and the various renditions of Saturn Valley.

This map only uses base-game materials and models, no workshop or canvas URLs. A summary of items can be seen below:

Item List
3 x Blocking Volume
1 x Boulder Cliff 
151 x Canvas Cube
2 x Canvas Pile
1 x Canvas Pile 2
98 x Canvas Pyramid
4 x Canvas Sphere
2 x Canvas Tube
102 x Canvas Wedge
12 x Custom Spawn Point
 ├ 1 for Dragon
 ├ 3 for Birb
 └ 8 for Knights
59 x Canvas Cylinder
1 x Damage / Heal Volume
6 x Floor Fog
1 x Game World Events
1 x Hidden Button
1 x Ladder Volume
1 x Post Process Volume
1 x Random Module
1 x Sky Volume
14 x Sound Emitter

This map is based on ch_lava_bath_a3_d specifically.


cornald this is bonus cornald

While waiting for the collision issue to be fixed, I went ahead and threw in the necessary items for a SDNL version of the map. It seemed like it’d be pretty nice to hop around on. That can be found here:


Too hot to trot! Very well done!

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How did you edit the workshop thumbnail by the way?

Using SteamCMD you can use workshop_build_item to update the thumbnail based on a given vdf file.

The vdf should be formatted like so:

 "appid" "394690"
 "publishedfileid" "3156851269"
 "previewfile" "/var/www/html/files/images/LavaBathPortLogoLC.png"
 "changenote" "Updated thumbnail"

Make publishedfileid be the workshop item ID and previewfile be the location of the replacement image.

In the below example, the vdf file is in the folder as steamcmd.sh, not sure if you can have it elsewhere and include the full path, I haven’t tried.

$ ./steamcmd.sh
[  0%] Checking for available updates...
[----] Verifying installation...
Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation - version 1705108307
-- type 'quit' to exit --
Loading Steam API...dlmopen steamservice.so failed: steamservice.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Steam>login USERNAME
Logging in user 'USERNAME' to Steam Public...OK
Waiting for client config...OK
Waiting for user info...OK

Steam>workshop_build_item workshop.vdf

Preparing update...
Uploading preview image...
Committing update...Success.

At this point it should be done.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation!