Tower Unite Price Increase + Our Current Roadmap

Hey all,

On May 4th, the price of Tower Unite will be increased to $19.99 USD.

The value of Tower Unite has been discussed for a long time during development. While we have mentioned in the past that we would not raise the price during Early Access, this decision has become necessary.

With so many features already added, the Arcade released, a sale complete, and much more on the way, now seemed like the appropriate time to raise the price of our game. As with all of our recent additions of ways to support PixelTail games, this price increase is very much needed to help us continue development with fair wages for our team.

We wanted to announce this ahead of time in order to give people a chance to buy the game while it is still at its current price.

Since we are increasing the price, we also would like to let you all know what features are being prioritized which will continue to add this increased value to Tower Unite.

Our current, immediate roadmap of objectives to complete for the game is:

Game Worlds:

  • Accelerate: A kart-racing game with 1 map at Beta and 3 additional maps which are planned to be released over additional updates.

Other Features:

  • Continuous Game World Play: A feature to allow players to continue playing in Game Worlds without returning to the Lobby or Main Menu.
  • Co-op Condos: Building permissions which allow friends to help you build your Condo.
  • New Game World Ports: A redesign of the Game World Ports in the Plaza.
  • General Gameplay Polish: Addressing bugs and inefficiencies that hinder gameplay.
  • General Art Polish: Standardizing textures and model quality.
  • Optimizations and Netcode Improvements

These are the features we are trying to get out to you all as soon as possible. Getting the game to a quality where it can be released from Early Access is our main goal, and we can’t thank you all enough for continuing to support us with this project.

If you would like to keep up with development in-depth, check out our Trello and Weekly Developer Logs.

Thank you,

<3 PixelTail Games


if it meens supporting you guys then its worth it!




Absolutely no complaints here. I expected the value to go up, and when it rises makes no different to me. Tower Unite is definitely worth more than $15, but good on you guys for letting us know ahead of time!




Not to be rude or anything. But what’s the point in redesigning the game world ports? No one goes there and wouldn’t redesigning it just be a waste of time?

wait are you guys adding minecraft cake to tower unite? or is there a joke cause thats the recepe






omg you guys really are doing it


The decision to redesign the game world ports was made to centralize everything in the lobby. I made some mistakes in previous (and current) iterations of lobby, and the redesign will reflect on those lessons learned. These are the plans for the new and finalized game ports:

  1. The game ports will be in the GAMES building in the lobby. Instead of a big empty room with a teleporter that leads you to a separate server. They will be right there, centralized. Part of the reason we separated them was due to the long load times of plaza, but as this is no longer a major issue, this is no longer needed.

  2. The upgrade store is being moved into that building as well. Thus, the upgrade stores will be right next to where you queue up for the games, just like in classic GMT. My original thinking was that because the upgrades store is a “store”, it should be with the other stores. But after a lot of thought, I realized it should really just be with the gameports like in GMT.

  3. The room is circular, with the upgrade stores along the outer edge of the room, and the game ports being in the center.


Here is a very early iteration of what this will look like. The other empty spots around the room are the other upgrade stores (just not moved in yet). Right now my main focus is accelerate, but I plan to get this done in time for the accelerate update.

So imagine you come here, queue up for minigolf, play a couple games (with the new continuous play feature), and then you and your friends pop back in here, maybe buy a couple upgrades, then hop back into another game, etc. Due to the centralized nature of the building (rather than being off in its own area), it will be easier to pop your head in here while playing in the plaza since you’re always walking past this building.


How will queuing for specific games work? And will they still get their stylistic areas? Or if not, maybe personalized queue menus can substitute?

I have been doing a lot of overtime on the weekends to fix a lot of the longstanding issues with the plaza (come on, it’s been too long; this stuff has to be fixed). In addition to finally settling the gameports and upgrade store stuff I described above, I’ve also been working on a total overhaul of the laser tag arena, another area in the plaza that is not up to standard, as both its art and its level design are currently poor. A screenshot of that will be in today’s dev log.


The place is going to be set up like a big pizza, with slices. So the minigolf slice has the themed upgrade store in the back, and opposite that, will be the queueing screen. The floor between them will be themed to that game world. You can already see a couple lines on the floor to designate the “slice”.


Oh I’m so glad to see that my suggestions for a round game ports room were heeded to some degree. This looks amazing! What will happen to the old Upgrades store spot though? Will another store be moved there?

I’m not sure about the old upgrade store right now. My main focus was to get the upgrade store and game port stuff where they needed to be.


Do you think you could do stylized queue boards though? It’s the small touches that really bring out a game. I think personalized backgrounds and player cards would really look nice


Mac has told me he wants to redesign the queue boards’ UI, so yes.


Are you able to project the skybox so the windows show the sky and the place doesn’t look so cramped?