Tower Unite Minecraft Server Now Open!

PLEASE SEE: A Community Discord Server: Tower Underground (Minecraft & GMod!)

Hello! A few of you may have heard from around the TU Discord or on the Prizm Podcast about something Minecraft-related coming up soon, and well, today we’re:

This will be a server hosted for the Tower Unite Community. The server itself is located in Seattle, Washington, USA and is running version 1.14.4. There are an abundance of plugins that players can interact with, such as: Elevators, canvases (like TU canvases, just supply a link and grab an item frame!), customizable shopkeeper villagers, and more!
There are also two worlds on this server with the help of Multiworld. When you join, you are by default spawned into the survival server. Although, in the spawn room you will find a portal that will bring you to the creative world (on the same server). There you will have creative and worldedit permissions!

Worrying about griefing? Don’t! We have CoreProtect which allows us to roll back specific events, ranges, player actions, and more with specific time periods in mind. No need to roll back the whole server for the actions of one person.

Finally, if you’d like to join the server, please put your Minecraft username and profile link (or Discord username) into this form. You will need to be whitelisted before being able to join, as this server is specifically for the TU community. Anyone without a profile link or Discord account on the TU server will not be able to join until otherwise done.

We’re also starting a Discord server alongside it for people to talk about the server and other things. We want to do this to prevent too much clutter on the official Discord server or forums on what would otherwise be easy to put in one spot. It contains information on the server and all of it’s public plugins - can be useful if you want to do something specific. It also has a bot that gives people who are in the server a direct link to the Minecraft server’s chat - and back! It’s not required, but highly recommended to join.
Join here:

The server address is

Please note that the server might not have a smooth start. We’ve tested and confirmed pretty good stability with 7 players but haven’t gone above that during initial testing, and just like TU updates things can still go very wrong after testing!


Is this a PvP server?

No, although I could look into creating a PvP-enabled world on the server in the future.


Ok,cool. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have to constantly worry about bandit or troll attacks. I’ve only really had bad experiences with MC PvP.

Neat! I’ll have to sign up once I can find my username. Thanks for putting it together!

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@ToxicBoo Fair enough. A lot of people during testing opted not to have it on and I agree, it can take away from the experience.

@Gamblee No problem! Had a server sitting around and wanted to use it for something lol

Haven’t played Minecraft in aaaages. Might have to join in at some point :slight_smile:

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Yeah. It was disabled for the time being because I need to upgrade the server CPU to accommodate. In our testing it could handle players fine but with the dynmap running on top of it, had some issues.
It seems we’re having a few issues with the server TPS right now that we didn’t find in testing either with an even higher player count, which is odd but it’s being looked in to.
Eventually I want to drastically upgrade the server, but I’m not in a position to do that currently. Will see if the dynmap can be used once the server’s had some time to run and issues can be fixed, but yeah I definitely want to have the dynmap on the server at some point.

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Oh, interesting. I’ll look into that, realizing now that I didn’t really look into dynmap’s config for anything that could improve performance. Thanks for the info!

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Quick question: do you get notified when you get whitelisted?

Nope, but I’ll contact people when they’re added to the whitelist.
(Just added you btw, welcome! :wave:)

thanks, for both the answer and for adding me!

I’m ki_fox in MC. May I be whitelisted too?

EDIT: I was informed, filled out the form.

Ooh, this is awesome. Is the server equipped with Rei’s Minimap? I’m too spoiled by it. Can’t play without it anymore.

We don’t have a minimap plugin, but you’re fully allowed to install client mods like VoxelMap using Fabric (since we’re running 1.14.4) or other means.


Ah, good. As long as client mods are allowed, then that’s fine. Are any specific mods or commands banned? I say commands because some mods rely on commands to work (like ViveCraft for example).

Hey, just a bit of an update. A few days ago a challenge world was added. This is a survival world, but on Hard difficulty and on amplified terrain. As well as this, PvP/griefing is enabled. If you’re into a more hardcore Minecraft experience this will be the world you’ll want to play in.
Also @balianthemighty sorry for the late response but yeah, you should be fine. As long as whatever mods you’re using don’t give you an advantage in terms of gameplay, it’s allowed :+1:


but why

this is just another minecraft server but with the “tower unite” name plastered on it?

watch, it will flop within 1-2 weeks and nobody will play it anymore

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because why not?

waste of money for whoever is running it?