A Community Discord Server: Tower Underground (Minecraft & GMod!)

NOTE: Due to an almost unanimous decision, I’ve switched back to the vanilla Minecraft server for people to play on. IP and information about joining is available on the Discord server.
Hey everyone. You may have seen my post a few months ago about a Minecraft server I started for the TU community, and it was a blast. Stayed at a consistent and active player count for well over a month, but in recent weeks it’s been increasingly dead so I decided to change it up and ultimately modify the server. The server has now been transformed into a gaming server for members of the TU community with officially hosted servers! The two currently operating are a Modded Minecraft server (as the vanilla one lost interest after a while) and a GMod Sandbox server. It’s being called Tower Underground.

This server is also there to be a more laid back spot to talk about Tower and really anything else. It’s not meant to be as an alternative to the PTG Discord in any way, especially considering the main intent of it isn’t Tower Unite but it’s intended for specifically this community. So if you’re looking for something like that and want to come chat and play games, check it out!

You’ll see information on the Discord about what mods/addons are present on said servers and how to connect to them, but you are absolutely not obligated to play them to join if you’d like to just talk.

We also have plans (but not yet confirmed) to start a:

  • Brickadia Server
  • GTA V FiveM Server
  • Terraria Server

…and potentially more in the future if people are interested enough. These are based on an interest by the community and I am open to suggestions (barring system performance).
We also have Catsack (made by @Thomas) to display live updates on multiple sources about TU!
Servers are being hosted in Seattle, Washington, USA on a gigabit connection.


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