Tower unite cut content?


Just wondering if the devs, or any other people had screenshots of cut tower unite content, i am really interested in that sort of stuff. Thanks!


By reading the title I felt like it was another person thinking that the bumper cars is getting removed because of that demolition sign in front of it.


If you ever want to look through cut content or just content that isn’t in the game currently.
Just look through the early posts from here:


the biggest cut feature in tower is the wheel of money jackpot, shit doesn’t exist


It’s a casino, what do you expect?


@prodigalist Amen brother kek


As someone whose followed the development the day it was announced to be crowdfunded, I honestly cannot remember a feature be added then removed. The crabs at first were a common item you could buy, but they removed it and started releasing it as “special” items in catsacks, awards, etc. There used to be a waterslide in the lobby, but that’s only because it was a port of the GMT map at the time.


Ex developers used to have item cameos (Foohy on the unit bills, Shrine, etc) but their names and likenesses were removed from the items after they left the team.


It’s also going to be in Lobby 3.