Thoughts and doubts about Virus


I have some thoughts and doubts that I have about Virus, and I hope you guys (and devs) could answer me:

  • Don’t you feel Sonic Shotgun a bit useless? I mean, I remember in GMT Sonic Shotgun spread was pretty fine and you can kill an infected in 2 - 4 shots. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel it, and its secondary click is a little bit useless. I mean, is it really OP?

  • A weapon that I think it need a change is the Plasma Autorifle. Its secondary click literally insta-kill you.

  • I could like the new infection system (clicking way), but it would be great if we can choose in our server preferences if we want the clicking infection mode or the touching infection mode.

  • I dunno if they changed it for some reason but, isn’t Sci-Fi Handgun shots supposed to bounce between the walls? I remember it from GMT and an old TU sneak peek.

  • Something that I suggested long time ago was the Kill Assist system and their achievements. Are they gonna be added at some point in the future?

  • And something that I think I miss are some weapons, like the Sniper (or crossbow), Dual Silencers (we have one now and I think it’s ok) and the RCP-120. I don’t know if more weapons are gonna be added to the Game World (I hope so) or a weapon selection is gonna be added too as an upgrade (Upgrade Store), but it’d be really cool to use some nostalgic weapons.

If I have new doubts, I’ll edit this post and add the new ones. You can also, if you want, add your thoughts and doubts about Virus as well.

Thanks for all.



I dunno, the sonic shotgun feels fine to me. I prefer the double barrel, but both work. In regards to the secondary fire, I don’t think it’s useless, I just think it’s annoying. The goal of any infected is to get close, and this free secondary fire can just remove any progress you made in getting closer. It might not deal damage, but distance is just as important. I still think giving it its own ammo pool would be a good idea.

I’m fine with the massive damage secondary fire, but I also wouldn’t be opposed to having it use ammo or otherwise discouraging extensive use of it. It’s a one-shot hit-or-miss weapon, and the time it takes to charge a shot makes repeated attempts on nearby infected almost impossible. That said, it does feel like it gets spammed pretty often when it’s available.

I’ve seen this idea pop up before. I’m neutral on it; the point of the new clicking mechanics is to allow the infected to use the weapon system to account for lag (whether you think it actually works well is another matter). Infection hitboxes have always been a bit iffy, and I don’t think reverting the mechanic will fix this at all.

You’re correct, the sci-fi handgun used to have laser beams which bounced around. It stopped doing that because of some sort of bug, and it just kind of hasn’t been fixed. I’m not sure why it’s taken so long to fix it.

I second this motion. I remember there was an explosive crossbow that was supposed to be an alternative for the TNT slot, but it just never got implemented. I’m always down for more weapon variety; it’d definitely help keep the rounds feeling different. Hopefully they throw in some of the weapons from other gameworlds like Zombie Massacre or (eventually) Slaughter Day Night Live.



I still want them to add a flamethrower in



But I’m not talking anything about reverting it. I’m just saying it’d be great if they add on Server Preferences a mutator for this.

At least, it could use more ammo or a cooldown.

I feel weird the first click, cuz I don’t think it feels same or at least or similar than the GMT one. The spread is different IMO and the damage too. Not saying that it’s bad, but it feels different. That’s why I prefer Double Barrel.

About the second click, it hasn’t worked to me yet. The times that I’ve used it have been in vain, cuz it didn’t work and then I get infected. But I’m talking from personal experience.



The Sonic Shotgun is fine, but the sounds could use some work



Can’t really speak to design choices, that’s not my department, but as to the swipe vs touch thing, this was to take advantage of weapon prediction system that we have. This cuts down on issues due to lag which were egregious. They’re still an issue mind, but at least the case where a zombie is literally inside someone and they’re not turning isn’t a regular occurrence anymore.



I still feel like i click on people a hundred times and they dont turn, am I meant to be inside them and click or have them in front of me and click?



We’re still considering ways to improve it, but something to keep in mind is at the time of posting only one “firing of the weapon” happens when you swipe. This is the start of the swipe, so if you hit someone at the end of the swipe, but not the beginning, it won’t register. Hopefully I explained that in a way that makes sense. This is likely to be tweaked in future patches to improve hit registration, but that’s how it works right now. There’s also probably some stuff we could do from a tech perspective to improve the weapon system for melee.