[Virus] Assistance

In all the time I’ve been playing Virus on GMod Tower I realized that something was missing helpful.

I’m talking about the assistance (or Kill Assist). Sometimes, when one player is trying to kill some infected and he’s ending to kill him, another player appear and steal him the kill. Is for this that I would like to propose the assistance. If you’re killing an infected and someone is killing him it too, both receive his death. (Something like TF2)

For example:

[Player 1] + [Player 2] :gun: [infected]

Tell me what do you think about this.

Thanks :smiley:


That would be a really nice feature!

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An Infected kills 2 players with a gun. I lol’d.

But yeah, that seems reasonable. That way we won’t have to hear people whining about kill stealing.

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[quote=“Alaiskai, post:1, topic:5083”]
[Player 1] + [Player 2] :gun: [infected]
[/quote] Great idea but lol, it looks like the infected just killed timmy and bobby. R.I.P

OMG What I have done! :frowning:

That emoji is really confusing XD

Yeah we’re doing kill assists eventually.


There are always those GOOD players that end up kill stealing in virus, I’d find this game mechanic to be quite useful in the future :wink:


Is this feature going to be added in the Early Access or maybe in future weeklies? :slight_smile: