The stealing game


I throw the hint in the TREEEEEEEEEESH

While- TREEEEEEESH-ing, I drop my Tower.exe


! grab the Tower.exe and put it away so it can be installed.

However, I then drop a blaster and it’s fully loaded.


I pick up the blaster and blast the next reply.

While blasting with a blaster, having a blast, I drop my copy of AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I try to pick up the copy of AAAAAAAAAAAAAA, but I get hit by a blaster shot from out of nowhere!
But since i’m a ghost, I don’t care.

However, it did cause me to accidentily drop my limited edition Red Ryder BB gun.


I take the limited edition Red Ryder BB gun and I… well, I hand it back.

Upon entering East Rogueport for the first time, a Bandit steals half of my coins. Fun fact: If you had zero coins, the Bandit actually has a special line of dialogue if you find him.


I don’t get the reference, so I go along. (time to get yelled at lol)

I drop



I grab the trumpet and Doots it until I get bored and take it to the music store to retune it.

Afterwards, I take it out to practice but what I didn’t know is I have lost some sheet music.


You dropped sheet music for trumpet music, huh? Would this happen to be it?

While showing the sheet music, an excessive wave of trumpets nearby drop the beat.


I pick up a trumpet, and doot so loud all sound is drowned out.

I drop my crafting table.


I pick up the crafting table and use it to craft a diamond sword.

I look away for a second, look back, and the sword is gone!


I pick up the Diamond Sword and use it to Poof a gem.

While I take the poofed gem, I suddenly drop some shards that were found after a gem was shattered.


I take the shards, and break them so the shards have been reduced to more, and smaller shards.

While shard shard shardy sharding, I drop my idk lol


I take your idk lol, and make it into ‘‘I don’t know laughing out loud’’

while doing that, i drop my boneless pizza with a 2 liter of coke


I take the pizza and coke, and I throw it away - except for the coke. We don’t talk about memes here.

While doing that, I just so happen to drop a magical map that leads to an ancient treasure.


I take that map, and give it to Dora.

But unfortunately while i give it back to her, a heather flower falls out.


I take the flower and burn it.

I drop my invisible keys to my invisible car that may or may not of belonged to underwater superheroes in a cartoon.


I take the invisible keys to the invisible car that may or may not have belonged to underwater superheroes in a cartoon, and throw them in the ocean for the superheroes to take back.

While doing that, I drop my 28 spooky guns.


I pick up all 28 spooky guns, and i sell them.
I have dropped my mop.


I pick up the mop and give it back to you. You’ve got housework to do!

But I just realised there is no bucket for the mop because I lost it,

The next post after this will be the 100th.


Yes, I stole your bucket, and I am now using it as a fancy hat.

While trying to make the bucket stay on my head, I drop my number 100 on the floor.