The stealing game


I pick up the 100 note, and stick it on this page as a memoir of 100 stolen goodies.

However, I drop a chair that was broken onto Homers back. I could tell because it has Homer Simpson back marks.


I pick up the chair and celebrate 100 posts

I have dropped my


I pick that up and pop it before it gets out of hand.

I drop some Steamed Hams.


I pick it up, and question why it’s called steamed hams if it is obviously grilled.
I drop my meme file.


I pick up your meme file and burn it.

Whilst doing so, I drop birb from Little Crusaders


Birb flies away.

While flying away, Birb drops a feather.


I pick up the feather, and I don’t know what happens next.

I dropped my potato.


I create a Potato Glados.

I drop the upcoming artwork for the Bone Zone.


I pick up the artwork and sell it on Ebay for an expensive price.

I dropped my horse shoe.


I dropped my sunglasses looking at that incredible throw of yours.


So excited by the sight of free sunglasses to my reach, I quickly run from the park bench to pick them up.
Droping behind…my kid


I don’t pick him up, he can pick himself up,

I tripped and dropped my banana peel.


I slip on Spydermann’s banana peel.
Whilst slipping, I drop my carefully stacked pile of bricks


I pick up the bricks and build a little house

I go to take a break, but when I come back, my lucky hammer is gone!


I take the lucky hammer, and test it’s luck out on making a map.

While testing luck, I dropped my FPS.


I pick up your FPS and snort it.
I drop my straw


The straw didn’t drop to the floor yet, you had so low fps that your straw was still on you.

I dropped my baked potato while watching it.