The stealing game

Hello, this is a game where the starting player, which will be me, drops something out of his pocket and the replying comment takes it and does something on it.

Example: Spydermann dropped his phone out of his pocket. his friend, a sack full of beans, took it, the phone had no password so bean sack changed all his profile pictures into a picture of a laughing emoji. (They drop something out of their pocket as well, and the next player takes it.)

Example: Bean sack dropped an apple out of their pocket while going on Spydermann’s phone.

Next player: A statue of Meme Man took the apple and chucked it at someone’s head. and dropped a banana peel. and it continues.

So, lets start off with this:
Spydermann dropped his phone out of his pocket.

I take the phone, and notice that’s there’s no password on it, so I decide to install the emoji movie on it, because memes.

ToxicBoo dropped his hopes and dreams out of his pocket.

Wait, do Boos even have pockets?

I take ToxicBoo’s hopes and dreams and put them in my pocket. I now have something to live for.

Scoron drops his _Gameboy Advanced SP Blue Edition_ out of his pocket.


I take Scoron’s Gameboy and promptly dunk that shit in the trash where it belongs. Fuckin thing sucked balls.

Though by accident, while I was dunking this SP harder than LeBron James ever could, I accidently dropped my Encyclopedia of Scots Gaelic on the ground.

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I take Alexer’s Encyclopedia and stash it in my jacket pocket to later use as fuel for my fireplace.

Originope’s bus pass card falls out of his pocket.

I take Originopes Bus Pass and gives it into lost property.

While doing that, a laser pointer falls out of my pocket.

I take Agent2583’s laser pointer and use it to play with some stray cats. :slight_smile:

While doing that, a pocket falls out of my pocket.

I take _FBI_Mario_Ruler_of’s Pocket and start to question reality. What Are we, what am i, why do i even Care, whats the point of everything when the World is gonna die, why how and when

While thinking about reality, i drop my Will to live out of my soul

I take DENMarkus_csgolive.c’s Will to live out of his soul, but then after some thinking i give it back to him so he can suffer living some more time :slight_smile:

While i was thinking about how right my choice is, Counter-Strike 1 Anthology falled out of my catsack

I take TotTJ’s CS 1 Anthology and take it to a thrift store.

After all that happened, A empty TU Soda can fell out of my pocket.

I take agents soda can and add it to my collection of soda cans, I one day dream of building a soda can launcher out of soda cans.

While I was thinking about my soda can launcher, my crowbar falls out of my pocket.

I take ToxicBoo’s crowbar and give it to the one that you had stolen that crowbar from

While i was doing that, a disc with the fully released tower unite from future falled out of my pocket

I took TotTj’s disc with the fully released tower unite from future and sold it on eBay for £0.00 + £16.43 postage.

On my way to the post office, my limited edition signed picture frame of Hulk Hogan falls out of my pocket.

I take xdstevies signed picture frame of Hulk Hogan, and put it in my condo.

While that happens, a Zombie Massacre Chainsaw falls out of my catbag

I take Agent’s Zombie Massacre Chainsaw and use it to cut down some trees.

Whilst trying to figure out how a chainsaw even works, a quantity of at least 1 food falls out of my pocket.

I pick up Arkives unspecified unit of 1 food and attempt to eat it.

While trying to figure out what the food actually is, my Nintendo Switch falls out of my backpack.

I pick up ToxicBoos Nintendo Switch and takes it to CEX

While that happens, I lose a unloaded bomb and remote.

I pick up Agent2583’s undetonated bomb and detonator remote and hold it in my hands. A police officer sees me, draws his gun, and arrests me for attempting a terrorist attack.

While I am being arrested I drop my Limited Edition Rare Fire Mario Backpack out of my pocket.

I pick up Scoron’s Limited Edition Rare Fire Mario Backpack so that I can stop dropping things from my pockets.

Unfortunately, I pick it up upside down and a now broken Zombie Massacre Chainsaw that may or may not have previously belonged to Agent tumbles out (how did that get in there?).

I take Arkive’s chainsaw and use it to go cut some whoopee cushions.

While being satisfied, I dropped my Coconut gun that fires in spurts out of my pocket.