The stealing game


I grab it, I tear it up and say: u have de hay

While getting ANGERY, I drop my Scuttlebug.


I pick it back up, and stomp on it, then realize this Forum Game, like a lot of the other ones, has sadly passed away.

I drop my Early replies


I pick up Spyderman’s early replies and start to read through them, but I don’t get very far before falling asleep from how boring they were.

While I was asleep, someone steals my box of mac and cheese from my backpack.


Wish grante- oh wait, this isn’t the right game!
Well, I didn’t steal it.

I drop my bass.


I take the bass, and im all about it

While doing that, i drop my hours on tower unite


I give him the hours back because he would lose all of his stuff if he wasted the hours on it.

However, I drop a Eggman plush, and it had a note saying “Snooping as usual I see”


I grab it, and then I think, that seems similar to something else…

I dropped my concentration.


I give your concentration back otherwise you can’t focus on the things you are doing.

But in my haste, I drop a Red Tape Recorder.


I pick it up, and sap a sentry.

While- SENTRY DOWN! I drop my Ap-Sap.


I pick up the Ap Sap and take it to Aperture Science but I accidentally call it a (Redacted)

As I run out from the place after Wheatley yells at me for calling him a (Redacted), I lose a slice of Black Forest Cake that I took when he wasn’t looking.


I grab it, and it throws me 100 miles away. It was a lie.

I lost my B.A.S.E Jumper while flying.


I grab the B.A.S.E jumper and give it to the Air Cadets.

But as I leave, a Cosmog Plush falls out of my bag. I attempted to put My plush “Nebby” back in the bag but I tripped while running and putting it in the bag at the same time.


I take Nebby out again and throw him/her on the floor because im evil >:))

While doing that i drop my brain memory


I grab the brain memory and installs it so I can read your mind. Turns out it is useless and give it back to you.

Then I drop a gourd that belonged to Brian Cohen.

The Monty Python Brian.


I take it.

I drop it.


I grab IT and use your knowledge to allow you to continue the development of this madness.

However I drop a Holy Hand Grenade.


I take the holy hand grenade and examine it, it’s such a strange invention, isn’t it? These are great for killing Deathclaws.

You get some crazy internet points if you know what i’m referencing.

Anyway, I chuck the grenade at a rabbit because I don’t know how to finish this holy grail reference.

While adding a few dollars to the “Monty Python reference” jar, which I keep next to the swear jar, I drop my Anti - Material rifle.


I take it, then drop it accidentally.

While dropping it, I also drop a considerable sum of money.


I grab it, and spend it on an Otamatone.

While wasting money, I drop my drop my drop my drop my drop my drop my-


I stand there and take in the scene, confused but detached also.

I drop a hint that stealing other people’s money is not only rude, but also illegal.