The stealing game


I take the leaking pen and hit someone with it, their clothes has ink all over it now.

While being a jerk, I drop my memes out of my pocket.


I take the memes and throw them away because they are rubbish.

After throwing the memes away, a bouncy ball falls out.


I grab the bouncy ball and chuck it at you, the memes were really good.

While shaming you for those memes, I drop my ajkfnjkanfjknkj out of my pocket.


I use the ajkfnjkanfjknkj to ergegrkhosngirtyjiorsndng.

While I ergegrkhosngirtyjiorsndng’ed, my hula doll ran away.


I take your hula doll and chuck it in the trash where it belongs.

While dunking 5 units away, I drop my hexagon.


i take your hexagon and make it into a cube

while doing that i drop my super smash bros 5 game


I take the game and erase the inklings from it, and then start playing on my bed.

While taking Smash 5, I drop my copy of CUBE: Defender of the Poly-verse.


I take Spydermann’s copy of CUBE: Defender of the Poly-verse, and throw it into the trash because Spydermann deleted the inklings from Smash 5.

While I was sneaking away unseen after dunking that dead obscure meme into the trash where it belongs, I accidentally drop my T-45d power armor.


I take the armor, and I go destroy some things with it.

While doing that, I drop my second copy of CUBE: Defender of the Poly-verse. Yeah I had two!


I take the other copy and store it in my game collection.

I replace The ET game for Atari 2600 and take it to get it sold but I drop it along the way.



Well, besides all these clumsy failures, I take the Atari and sell it on E-bay.

While going back, I drop my cardboard box.


I stamp on your cardboard box, laugh, pour gasoline onto it and set it on fire.

Whilst toasting some marshmallows on the fire, my lighter falls out my pocket.


I take the lighter, and light a log on fire to throw in the fire.

While lighting logs on fire, (Smokey hates me now!) I drop my Jimmy Barnes Screaming For 10 Hours


I pick it up and remove it from existence.

After all of that, I drop a French Flag


Je prends le drapeau français et récupère mon vin et ma baguette

en faisant cela, je laisse tomber mon croissant

translate it my dudes


I take the Croissant and put it in the bin because it must have touched the dirty ground.

I buy a can of Spam but it falls out.


I pick up the can of spam and toss that garbage in the trash where it belongs.

What? You wanted a Monty Python reference? No.

Yes, I know I already dunked something into the garbage where it belongs, multiple things deserve to be sent to the teash universe.

While throwing out the can of not-food, I drop my imagination.


I grab Toxicboo’s imagination and give it back to him, because without it, he can’t think.

But while I do that, I lose a recipe for Skinners Steamed Hams.


“NO!” I shout as I see the dreaded recipe for steamed hams, I take it before Agent can pick it back up and rip it apart into the smallest pieces I possibly can. After I cool down, I apologize and thank Agent for not stealing my imagination, and turn to leave.

But I turn around a bit too fast, and my Galaxy note 4 smartphone falls out of my pocket.


I take the smartphone and give it back to ToxicBoo.

But what I didn’t notice, a Knuckles Doll fell out of my pocket, and it had a note saying: “Do you know the way?”