The Death Game


Plokit killed Sypdermann for continuing to use cringe worthy statements


Spydermann killed plokit for mentioning THE C WORD


Banned for talking about the ‘‘see’’ word


Spydermann killed DENMarkus for being in the wrong game


DENMarkus killed Spydermann for being in the right game


Spydermann killed Spydermann because I will transport my death over to you so you die and i live and living is pretty :cool:


DENMarkus killed Spydermann for being NOT :cool:


Jinko Kills DENMarkus because he wants the prevent people named markus form stealing his cake


Rrmm killed Jinko because I don’t know any people named Markus Form Stealing His Cake.


Jinko kills rrmm as he tells him about his 7th birthday party for his 10th birthday


DENMarkus killed Jinko because birthdays are for neeerds :sunglasses:


Spydermann killed DENMarkus for being hypocritical


AmGona killed Spydermann for bullying DENMarkus.


Spydermann killed AmGona because back stab, very difficult trick! That’s what it’s all about!


DENMarkus Killed Spydermann because he bully me ;’’’(((


Spydermann killed DENMarkus because I’m already tracer


Eriberto killed Spydermann because I wanna be tracer


Spydermann killed Eriberto because what about widowmaker


DENMarkus Killed Spydermann because i wanna be winston


JohannesDau killed DENMarkus because I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was