The Death Game


DENMarkus Killed JohannesDau, because you will be second best


Spydermann killed DENMarkus because WALUIGI NUMBER ONE


Agent killed Spydermann for praising an assist trophy.


Spydermann killed Agent2583 because HE IS MORE THAN AN ASSIST TROPHY TO ME


DENMarkus killed Spydermann because hes our god


JohannesDau killed DENMarkus because to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause


Spydermann killed JohannesDau because you haven’t specified what you are catching


JohannesDau killed Spydermann because I will travel across the land, searching far and wide, teach Pokémon to understand the power that’s inside!


Agent kills Johannes because Pokemon gotta catch them all its you and me.


AmGona kills Agent because he took away my skittles.


Agent Kills Amgona from the grave because I never took your skittles.


LittleLuke killed Agent because IT WAS I WHOM TOOK THE SKITTLES MUHAHAHAH!!! i have gotten away with my crime and put the blame onto the innocent


Spydermann killed littleluke for his skittles


DENMarkus killed Spydermann because i would like some skittles please


JohannesDau killed DENMarkus because I know it’s my destiny. Pokémon!


Agent kills Johannes because you’re my best friend in a world we must defend. Pokemon!


JohannesDau kills Agent2583 because gotta catch 'em all, a heart so true! Our courage will pull us through.


DENMarkus killed JohannesDau because pokemon more like nowayman


Agent kills Denmarkus because you teach me and I teach you Pokemon gotta catch em all!


JohannesDau kills Agent2583 because gotta catch 'em all! Ye-eah. Every challenge along the way with courage I will face, I will battle every day to claim my rightful place.